Trump grilled over shutdown, border wall (entire Rose Garden Q&A)

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Trump grilled over shutdown, border wall (entire Rose Garden Q&A)3.5
President Donald Trump answered questions about the federal government shutdown and the border wall where he stated he does not need congressional approval to build a wall on the southern US border, repeated his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall and that he would use eminent domain to secure the land to build the wall. #trump #rosegarden #CNN #News

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Where's the guy who threw the shoe at Bush...we need him at every one of these

Author — Almighty Syte


The facial expressions on the two dudes behind him are the best part of this

Author — Broke Niggas Wit Money


why did he avoid the question about what message did he have for the affected federal workers?he never gave an answer 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Author — Travis Campbell


Let him fulfill the prophecy. All we need to do is get right with GOD

Author — Angelia Brown


Billions & Billions & Billions 😂😂😂
Whos gonna pay for the wall?


Author — El Lexo


Got about 3 minutes into it... it was an endurance test.

Author — TalesofStories


This is great entertainment.
It's like watching Goodfellas Tommy DeVito run the
Just have to let the f-bombs loose.

Author — Alex Castro


He rambles till I forget what question was even asked

Author — liqua95


4 to 7 BANKRUPTCIES filed by Trump, now he is leading USA.
Are you really surprised with Gov shutdown?

Author — Goldn Messi


To shut down the government because of a wall is wrong two wrongs don't make a right

Author — michael anderson


Force trump to get Mexico to pay for the wall as he promised. Not force American taxpayers to pay!

Author — Truth91


So terrorists can't come from the Canadian border? or the Pacific or Atlantic ocean?

Author — PlayBoy KGballin


We make it through 100 thousand years with out wall Lord of mercy
You make a big deal over wuth it
How about paying your employee
Lord of mercy

Author — AmeliaBSatorre


I dont think he will be elected again.
Trump, US citizens are starving, put us first b4 immigrants .

Author — Tammy Lynn


Right when trump said you can’t impeach someone that’s doing a Great job the guy behind him know his full of it 12:40

Author — Israel Perez


1) Mexico is paying for the wall and 2) I will own the shut down...enough said!

Author — Burlingwood Au


The wall is not to keep people from coming in IT'S TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING WAIT AND SEE. Ask Trump about the TRILLIONS of dollars that they SUPPOSEDLY LOST. that's am endless amount of money.

Author — Blue Sky


Well build a wall for Canada 🇨🇦 too than

Author — jayasai kodali


CNN I pray that you are doing some seriously FACT CHECKING!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

Author — 16ebby


BB thanks MR for say that #1ddrive i love you <3 next week i thinnk we can meet and show our power to that unbelivers :) maybe numbers for today lotto? LOL @jimcarrey (5 10 15 21 23 48)

Author — Michal Kipnik