Can ageing be delayed, stopped or even reversed? BBC News

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Is ageing a disease? One that can be 'cured'? BBC's Gabriela Torres meets the self-experimenters and scientists who are trying to dramatically extend our lives.

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4:01 the window cleaners must really hate that woman

Author — mihaifrancu


Some people will want this. Some won’t. I used to volunteer with the elderly for years I will never forget a woman of whom I spent a great deal of time. She was 97 years old. Fit and still of sound mind. She’d take a puff of her cigarette and tell me, “God is cruel. Everyday I wake up is like a cruel laugh to the face. My time on this earth is over. I’ve done everything and I’m ready to go now.”
I’m serious everyday I’d see her she wished she were dead because she felt as though her life was complete and there was nothing more for her to do. She’d tell me all these wonderful stories of her life experiences. She’d tell me she lived a fulfilling life. Some people come to a point in their lives in which they feel as though they have lived a fulfilling life and they just want to go.
In my own observation those who feel unfulfilled always wish for more time to be fulfilled.
Nothing is wrong with either. Just an interesting observation.

Author — Chan M


Now imagine having a neighbor who was born in 1860... That would literally freak me out.

Author — Soumiya Benchikh


Yes. Aging can be stopped.
It's called Death.

Author — John Allen Lauridsen Jr.


Human obsession with eternal youth never disappears...

Author — Pp Lime


Studies show that exercise increases the length of telomeres.

Author — TheStewieGriffinShow


Ask queen Elizabeth, 😂. It is fun to be alive for wealthy people.

Author — Marce Gamez


Welcome to the comment section where everyone has a phd in missing the point.i wont even explain.

Author — susan mamvuto


Quality of life is more important than length of life

Author — Atish Mahadik


Ageing is a symptoms of illnesses! Fasting preventing causes of illnesses and that's makes us even feeling younger and to live beyond life expectancy! And that's what even by Biblical narrated pieces of informations happens from among GOD'S people's who fast! They have lived longer, compared from whomsoever who doesn't Fast.

Author — Armando Tabaday


Live for hundreds of years?

No thank you.

Author — Rahul Dravid


Mother Nature will always find a way to re-balance over-population!

Author — Bailey


Aging with dementia and Alzheimer is a drag for sure. It would at least be nice if your mind did not decay !!!

Author — Sara Patterson


Forget that! You want to be a slave to the beast system longer? I'm outta here, when the time comes.

Author — Lastof Mykind


As long as u r breathing, u r aging all the time.

Author — Lie Huayoung李华荣


I'd want to/rather die early instead of living forever in this foresaken damaged and corrupted world my own species made worse.

Author — An extremely picky person with username ideas :/


eat my semen everyday, it prevents aging.

Author — chikpom


this actually makes me sad, seeing old people trying to be young again.

Author — frostytokes


*and as i watched this video i aged 30minutes...MAKE IT STOP*

Author — ★Fabss★


Don't waste time on Metformin!
Stop eating sugars and starch.

Author — Ken Bell