02 Show Business - Elektric Music (Esperanto)

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Set it on a talk show
Put it on a video
Say it on the radio
But never let the truth show
Acting on a feature
Become a T.V. creature
Put yourself in place
With a smiling face
Show Business, Image Politics
This is the age of show business
Catch an image fix.
Diving through the looking glass
Just like the greatest stars
You don't have to be yourself
Change into someone else
Pace another sound byte
Make a million overnight
Give up your private life
Spotlight shines so bright!

Author — Andiamo!


"Diving through the looking glass / Just like the greatest stars"
A reference to the Hall of Mirrors? =p

Author — Kumodatsu


This is really a current subject :) Love you Karl (and the great Andy too <3)

Author — Macabre Citrus


Esperante: Tiu muzik-albumo estas tre speciala por mi pro du motivoj: Unue mi tre ŝatas Karl Bartos kaj Kraftwerk kanzonojn, due mi parolas la belan internacian lingvon Esperanto. Do estas vera koincido :-) Dankon Giorgiojas pro postado ĉe Youtube.

Angle: This music album is very special for me about two reasons. First i like Karl Bartos and Kraftwerk songs, Second i speak the beautifull international language Esperanto. So is a true coincidence :-) Thank you Giorgiojas to put then on Youtube!

Author — Mikel Klav