More of This Thing Called Love: Cool Love Songs Of The 40s & 50s #dancebands #romance

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The Past Perfect Channel expertly remasters #vintagemusic from the 1920s, #1930s, #1940s and #1950s. French Music, Retro Music, Saxophone Music, Italian Music, #JazzMusic, Swing Band Music, Morning Music, Piano and Guitar Music, Music while Cooking, Christmas Music, Background Music, Holiday Music, Big Bands, #DanceBands, Love Songs, Tea Dances, Vintage Parties, Murder Mystery Events, Ballroom Dancing, War Re-enactment Events, Nostalgic Songs. Master Rights Copyright: Past Perfect Limited

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1. 00:00:00 Ella Fitzgerald Dream a Little Dream of Me
2. 00:03:07 Dean Martin If
3. 00:05:57 Billie Holiday Crazy He Calls Me
4. 00:09:01 Frank Sinatra Someone to Watch over Me
5. 00:12:26 Jo Stafford I Never Loved Anyone
6. 00:15:30 Mel Torme I Hadn't Anyone Till You
7. 00:18:41 Margaret Whiting Guilty
8. 00:21:54 Perry Como More Than You Know
9. 00:25:05 Ella Fitzgerald Soon
10. 00:27:52 Doris Day I'll String Along with You
11. 00:31:05 Nat King Cole Orange Coloured Sky
12. 00:33:38 Jo Stafford Once and for Always
13. 00:36:27 Billie Holiday There Is No Greater Love
14. 00:39:28 Frank Sinatra Always
15. 00:42:31 Sarah Vaughan Body and Soul
16. 00:45:28 Perry Como Please Believe Me
17. 00:48:51 Dinah Shore You'll Always Be the One I Love
18. 00:51:43 Ella Fitzgerald Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No)
19. 00:54:55 Margaret Whiting You Do
20. 00:57:46 Frank Sinatra What'll I Do?
21. 01:00:57 Doris Day Love Somebody
22. 01:04:04 Billie Holiday You're My Thrill
23. 01:07:27 Peggy Lee Them There Eyes
24. 01:10:26 Dean Martin I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
25. 01:13:03 Ella Fitzgerald How Long Has This Been Going On?

Author β€” Past Perfect Vintage Music


* takes a deep mesmerized breath and sighs *

Author β€” Sir Isaac


Who else likes oldie songs over modern day music?

Author β€” Ann-Marie Lehr



Author β€” John Martinez


i have an old soul but my body is 18 yo.

Author β€” Keight Kalena


I’m 17 but whenever I listen to old classic songs like ones in this video, it brings me back this really beautiful feelings that you have when you remember your darling memories. It’s so beautiful.

Author β€” Anri


It is Sunday. The flat is cleaned, the chores done for the day. It is summer but raining outside. You just made yourself a cup of delicious tea for the coziness and a refreshing GinTonic against the heat. Lying in bed and in the background you still hear the humming noises of dishwasher and washing machine that are doing their chores. This music just makes my Sunday.

Author β€” Toffsen100


Visual: You're slow dancing with your significant other in your kitchen; it's golden hour. This music is playing softly in the background and you feel at peace. Heart beat against heart beat, heads pressed against each other, slowly dancing around the kitchen. The soft warm wind is blowing through the windows and dinner is well on its way. "I love you" your significant other says softly. Peace, wanting that moment to be frozen in time.

Author β€” maka king


I recently discovered that I loved this type of music ... I am truly in love with this style! just wonderful...

Author β€” J Meireles Stropa


I'm 32 years old yet I feel i was born in wrong era.

Author β€” Tinker Tailor


Imagine listening to vintage song while its raining while you sat beside the windows arhhh

Author β€” Vin Niy


they really do not make 'em like they used to. Sweet lyrics about love, catchy uplifting melodies, and amazing vocals and harmonies...sigh...i might have been born in the wrong era...

Author β€” kelli blue


I love the perfect clarity! Especially in "00:00:00 Ella Fitzgerald Dream a Little Dream of Me" I've never heard such beautiful clarity with oldies. It makes listening to it all the more authentic and relaxing. Thank you.

Author β€” Melody Simms


The most romantic songs of American history, a decade of love and opulence

Author β€” Ms Kharrazi


I could listen to billie and frank all day long, that's how good they were.

Author β€” gabe jr


I’m a 90s baby in love with music of the past 🧑🧑

Author β€” Precious Johnson


This won't make much sense, but I had a dream with this in it. Things were a bit different. Having some sort of subconscious Deja Vu.

Author β€” horsepackage


I guess it's only ME who listen to this kind of music in this whole office building οΌˆβŒ’β–½βŒ’οΌ‰

Author β€” TheLoveYouMake


it's a dark and stormy morning, first in a long time in these summer months; playing this aloud has made me feel much more cozy and snug. thank you!

Author β€” s


what I love about these songs is it is easy listening and sentimental a joy to listen to, me and my husband, enjoyed them very much thank you ..!β™₯:-) β™₯