Video shows people screaming and taking cover in Dayton shooting

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Police have yet to determine a motive for a shooting in Dayton, Ohio, that left nine dead. Newly released video shows people panicked and screaming as they took cover. Dean Reynolds reports.

The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for CBS Evening News broadcast times.

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Give credit to the police for doing their job🤙🤙

Author — pale horse


My God, they stopped him right before what would have been absolute carnage. Somebody needs to get a freaking medal.

Author — K Black


So he killed his sister by coincidence? I'm still a bit confused, has there been a motive released. Do they know if the sister knew what he was going to do?

Author — Daygo G


Good job for police .when every one was running for their lives the police was standing still ready to give their lives protecting these people

Author — Flower Bee


Cops acted fast they saved a lot of people...

Author — Dave Arreola


How about instead of showing us his name and face, you show us the names of the officers who put him down. Smh.

Author — Vincenzohh


"His modified Assault style weapon"
This is like when you buy whole wheat bread or "brown bread".
One is actually good for you and the other is white bread with brown coloring added to make it look brown trickign people that it's healthy when it's just white bread.
He used a semi-automatic rifle which means he had to let the trigger reset before he could fire another round.
Lying to people does not help them.

Author — Eric Bowman


Props to the officers who responded just 30 seconds after the first shot was fired by the shooter. If they weren't there, hundreds of lives would have been taken. It takes a lot of bravery to run towards gunfire while everyone else is running away from it.

Author — AR-15 AK47


How bout stopping the gun confiscating BS and start finding out who is supplying this kind of weaponry? The rabbit hole runs deep.

Author — Polijuana Cracker


00:34 Just look at the face!!! deformed by STONE

Author — Friendly Simple Guy


God bless our first responders and my thoughts and prayers are with the families stay strong Dayton Ohio residents God is good

Author — Austin Miller


1:17 looks like alternate reality lesbian Ninja

Author — Clockwork Orange


Just realized that one of the nine victims was my cousin, and it took my breath away...😪😪😪

Author — Courtney LeAnne


Do something or get out! Down with the weapon!

Author — sergey 7


Wait wait wait wait how'd his draws get down

Author — Nevaeh Parker


God bless those officers that got him.

Author — TexasDeb


1:20 looks like this college kid I use to sell perks to

Author — a1hunnitt


Lol at the comment section, which is now a varied mix representing pretty much all the crap people post after mass shootings happen.

Author — Tim Chen


Truly sad. May God comfort the victim's families and ease their pain🙏🏼

Author — Tagred Gray


Just my opinion but don't hide inside and wait to get shot. Keep running and put distance between you and the shooter.

Author — Hans