Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hold an incredible amount of political power. That's troubling considering their incredibly small amount of political experience.

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Imagine if Obama had appointed Malia and Shasha as advisors, put their boyfriends in charge of peace in the middle east, and the dog in charge of the economy.

Author — connie473


MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE 2020: Yep Jared didn't do anything ... zero of the things he was responsible for. They simply did not mention any of all his failures. Ivanka didn't turn out to be level headed, she simply ignored everything crazy from her father and supported him all the way. OHHH and the peace in Middle East plan Jared had, was to ask Isreal to come up with a solution... and he didn't even invite Palestine. Obviously Palestine was angry from the begining, and Jared simply told the Press that Palestine didn't deserve to be part of the negotiations about their own country. So yeah he was a total amateur, not able to even negotiate, it was a joke. Bonus info: Jared couldn't get a security clearence, so Trump had to bypass the process ..Jared was to dirty to get a security clearance.

Author — salbeik


It's remarkable just HOW on the mark John Oliver was about Ivanka & Jared. Their continued occupation of jobs in the While House may be even scarier than Oliver surmised three years ago! This episode has, sadly, weathered well.

Author — Ruth Kaufman


Ivanka here illustrates the difference between an "answer" and a "response".

Author — caribman10


Old Scottish Proverb: "It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Any chance that might be the case here???

Author — Dennis Challinor


Ivanka's ability to give a speech and simultaneously say nothing is comparable to my ability to get an A on a paper that i bullshitted my way through completely

Author — Third_Eye_of_The_Slav


3 years later: There is no longer any doubt that these 2 are 100% with President Dumbass on every issue, up to including letting us die to get him reelected.

Author — bisquitnspanky


Watch Dirty Money on Netflix about the Kushner family and criminality, and Jared's sociopathic view of others. He's a true monster and she is equally vicious in her business practices which hurts ordinary hard working Americans. It matters not how they look or their stilted polished way of presenting themselves. Scary people.

Author — Loulabelle Parsnips


Apparently lying is a very strong genetic trait amongst the First Family of GRIFTERS.

Author — Coco


“The apple does not fall far from there orange” is the first funny “Trump is orange” joke I’ve heard in a while.

Author — Bryce


All of Jared's duties are salaried positions. They're just siphoning off of the Government.

Author — John Moldoch


“A Kohl’s mannequin who read a book once” feels particularly apt, given his strategy for the Middle East was to read a couple of books about the Israel-Palestine conflict and then not even invite anyone from Palestine to participate in the negotiations.



Wow, this episode aged well. John called it: Ivanka and Jared are a horrible "influence" on Trump (if you can call them an influence). Ivanka's family leave policy is only for MARRIED women!! What about all the single ladies out there? Good for Oliver for seeing through their smoke and mirrors from the beginning.

Author — French Fry


In light of the covid response that Jared was in charge of (specifically getting testing kits and distributing ventilators at the beginning), this has certainly aged well.

Author — Eve Lee


Jared is quiet because he knows he's not smart & if he shoots off his mouth, all of us will know it too.

Author — Ken Cheek


Throw them in front of BBC interviewers, they know how to check competence 😉

Author — sandesh honde


As someone with an engineering degree: I am actually concerned that this building of Jared's is mechanically engineered.

Engineering has several major categories. My degree, for example, is in Mining Engineering and Mineral Process Engineering. Had I gone on to become a professional engineer, I would be qualified to design mines and mineral processing facilities that are associated with mines. That's a pretty narrow specialization, and is part of why I didn't go on to be a professional engineer. The 3 big categories are Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers. Civil Engineers cover civil infrastructure: roads, bridges, and buildings. Electrical Engineers cover electrical systems: power distribution facilities, specialized electrical systems like those needed for factories, mines, etc. (Household power systems were originally designed by electrical engineers, too, back before they were incorporated into the building code). Mechanical Engineers cover things that move: cars, robots, conveyor belts, assembly lines...anything that you'd look at and say "that's a machine" is probably a Mechanical Engineer's job. (Unless it's a computer, because it's not actually a machine, it's a pile of circuits and thus Electrical Engineering work.)

So unless that building was built on Mercury and thus needs to have a system that keeps it moving around the planet such that it never gets into direct sunlight, I am concerned.

I'm not sure what the National Society of Professional Engineers' Code of Ethics has to say on the matter, but here in BC, Canada, an engineer of one discipline doing work in another discipline is grounds for losing professional status. You are ethically required as a professional to know your limits, and thus know when to bow out of a job in favor of another engineer who knows the task more thoroughly. Not doing that is like your orthopedic doctor taking an X-Ray of your broken hip, finding a kidney stone in your bladder as well, and then opting to do the extraction procedure himself rather than referring you to a urologist: sure they both went to medical school and may well have gotten the same basic education as to the concept of kidney stones, but one of them has studied all of the recent developments in that field and has been performing the associated medical procedures for years and the other has not!

Author — rashkavar


Nothing Ivanka says sound real and honest.

Author — Mr Jee


Jared Kushner has the look of an ex-SS officer

Author — Sp0oky F1sh


The Unabomber is actually really REALLY smart though, to be fair. He’s literally insanely smart.

Author — Rachel D