IDEF 2019 Top 10 innovations of defense and military products Istanbul Turkey

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Analysis by Army Recognition editorial team with the top 10 innovations of defense and military products presented at IDEF 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

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00:08 OTOKAR Turkish Company and manufacturer of armored vehicles Sponsor of IDEF 2019 Web TV
00:53 Turkish-made Electromagnetic Rail Gun SAHI 209 unveiled by Yeteknoloji
01:25 Roketsan unveils its first locally-developed directed-energy weapon (DEW) Alka
01:45 Roketsan showcases Yatagan, its new laser guided miniature missile system
02:10 Aselsan launches anti-ship missile hunter Close In Weapon System (CIWS) GOKDENIZ
02:42 Otokar debut AKREP IIe: Turkey’s first Electric Armoured Vehicle
03:16 Turkey’s New Generation Firtina NG 155mm SPH self-propelled howitzer unveiled
03:48 ASELSAN PULAT Active Protection System for tank and combat vehicles
04:22 Turkish Company FNSS launches ZAHA amphibious armored vehicle
05:06 Turkish Aerospace future Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter
05:38 Turkish Company have developed many different types of wheeled combat vehicles and armored

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MashAllah Long live Turkey people's ... Love From Pakistan 🇵🇰🇹🇷

Author — Rizwan Khan



Author — ali akyüz


Great turkey and Turkish Scientists and Enegeenars

Author — Mun Suri


We love turkey if we are somali peopel turkish peoplw is true brother

Author — Abdirahman Shekh Abdikarim


Turkey have one of the fastest growing defense industry in the world. They have very good technology

Author — uAozzie


Peru el despertar del Imperio Inka.
Peru debe armarse SI o SI, para garantizar la Paz y el Progreso a las Regiones Andinas.

Author — Julio Egil


They need some of this for the UK defence especially to defend from Russia or to defend our overseas bases.

Author — Curtis Carpenter


greece should not see these weapons😂😂😂😂🇹🇷

Author — ______


Damm my. Turkish. Poeple are high tech. This Will take all ower. Arab. Brothers. In saudi arebia 200 years

Author — somaliano99%auser king Kong lord of lords him self


If designing a tank with a turret and a cannon is copying, then designing an airplane with wings or a helicopter with a rotor or a car with wheels is copying too. Get the point Bozos?

Author — Billy Bob John


so much advanced weaponry turkey has, But still was not been able to save its Leo-2A4 MTBs against Lowly Gen 2 MALCOS Missiles fired by Syrian forces. lol

Author — NagaChandra PB


they will send this to hezbolla and iran, another terror from turkey. gud luck islamic country.

Author — ruma abba


If it uses any propellant its not a railgun. Also considering its turkey, and the size/shape its probably a fake/nowhere near claimed performance

Author — some dude