How Airbus’s Home City Plans to Survive the Aviation Crisis | WSJ

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A decadeslong aerospace boom suddenly ended in Airbus’s home city of Toulouse, France, as global passenger traffic collapsed. WSJ traveled to the aviation capital, where autonomous vehicles and superfast trains could bring back some of the lost jobs. Photo composite: George Downs

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France has seen worse, Toulouse and Airbus will survive

Author — NPJ Global


To win or Toulouse? That is the question here

Author — Sneaker restorations and reviews by Olivier


I've seen this story play out over and over again. Towns and cites have one major employer and when they close or get in trouble the locals get screwed. Like they say if you don't pay attention to history it will keep repeating it self over and over again.

Author — crashweaverda


It's only a pause. Tourism will not stop. It will actually grow when this corona circus will be over.

Author — Red Pill


Interesting to see that more than half the comments are not related to the video at all, and some of them are outright spam. Interesting video however, keep it up WSJ... hope we can get out of this nightmare pandemic soon. I'm guessing something very similar to what's being seen in Toulouse is taking place over at Everett, but I don't know if they have the same small clusters of hi-tech startups.

Author — RM


Airbus will manufacture trains
The US : Whachyu Mean By Train
Japan : Hey Kids Follow Me I'll Let You Know

Author — AW Double U


I have been wondering about this; thank you for making this video Wall Street Journal.

Author — Scott Roth


The answer it simple: heavily emphasize A330neo and A350 sales. A lot of A330's and 777's are now over 20 years old, and many need to be replaced anyway.

Author — Sacto1654


that's really sad. It's the same story (or even worse) for cities that depend on tourism

Author — Manfred Byron


I havent seen the video yet but guessing by the title, it wont e commercial😂🤣

Author — SeenLenz


Hi, How are you?

This is not just about Airbus. ^O^

Author — K-FOREST


Ótimo vídeo! pesquisando tecnologias.

Author — Nuvembook


again with the hyperloop theory...I suppose that will create a lot of jobs for a very very long time with the feasibility of such technology

Author — Nhi Nguyen


Coming from the Airbus-partner city, Hamburg, this is weird to watch.
In Toulouse, the city depends on Airbus, in Hamburg, its is an addition, not a dependence.

To be fair, Hamburg has roughly four times the people then Toulouse and of course we would be sad when Airbus is in trouble here.
So Toulouse needs other technologies / companies fast.

We will do that. Airbus has much better management then Boeing and the officials/politicians of the cities are much more reliable then in the US.
Airbus will be the big winner of this crisis.

Greetings to Toulouse :)

Author — Geisterfahrerüberholer


One mile of railway will take you from point A to point B, one mile of runway will take you anywhere.
I want to see how do you cross an ocean by train.

Author — alex3261


Hi, How are you?

This question will apply to all organizations since COVID-19.



Well, China just sanctioned Boeing due to them supplying arms to Taiwan. Airbus would be foolish not to take advantage of the situation to negotiate a long term sales contract with China.

Author — SoCalFreelance


wouldn't it be appropriate to treat / report on most of the changes are happening because of the pandemic, as temporary?

Author — Mariachee Bandidos


every year theres a new hyperloop hype no hyperloop tho lol

Author — chromebomb


Airbus is going nowhere. They just need to cut some of the workforce. Momentarily. In some 5-6 years it's all back to where it started

Author — Almerinda Romeira