Poll: Voters want political parties to move right

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American voters weigh in on the directional shifts of political parties on 'The Story.' #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews

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You mean people don't want socialism and genocide? LOL

Author — Constant Incel Who Just Can't Get Laid


How about BOTH parties support the FKing Constitution!!!

Author — Keep It Real


I wish the republicans were more conservative too... even some of them today don't act conservative

Author — Brown McJuggerNuggets


NYC doesent throw the baby away
They sell all the parts

Author — Sluga Bunny


Leftists went to far left to socialism, it don't work !!

Author — Linda Fasching


I think we should get the government OUT of the health care system all together!

Author — Michael Richardson


Canadians with money do go to the states for healthcare fact

Author — Rename Murder


The democrats are toast, , ,
Americans have really seen what you’ve done and know your agenda is anti American.

Author — Mickey Andres


Ask any Canadian how well their healthcare system is working 🤕

Author — Jonathan Pasch


In Canada it’s 6-12 months for an MRI. My last wait was 10 months...

Author — Greg Fulton


The black female Democrat seems pretty decent to deal with, but i disagree with her opinion of her party not going too far left when it has. The younger Cortez supporting Democrat is an airhead.

Author — craig1974


How in the world is our current medical system capitalist? I don't know what that system is, but it sure isn't capitalism. Why cant i get multiple bids, choose best price vs quality, then make an informed decision? Instead, we have some wacky system where the doctor charges $35, 000 to the insurance company, then the insurance company says we'll pay $3, 000. Doc say's OK! If i were paying cash it'd still be $35, 000. THAT is not capitalism.

Author — Scratch McGee


Because I’m already paying for people who abuse the system every day! I work at a hospital and the same “Medicaid” people come in every week for a concern that never exists because they are bored or want to get out of work. And they ALWAYS reek of cigarette smoke and most are obese. How about focus on cracking down on people who are abusing the system??? I see so many multi-generational families who come in who live on welfare because they are lazy and don’t want to work. I’m tired of it! There are So many government programs that help these people go back to school etc. and rise out of their poverty, yet they would rather smoke their cigarettes and be lazy then to go out and make a life for themselves. I’m tired of paying for free loaders. It’s one thing if you’re actually disabled but I’m seeing so many people who are accepted for help who shouldn’t have it because they’re able to work. Democrats have created this

Author — djw4299


Sane voters want free markets, more liberty, and a government that does its job. It’s really that simple.

All over the world people are rising up to take back their governments. People want freedom, more choice, and national sovereignty.

Author — Art Curious


What did Socialists Use before Candle Light? Light bulbs.

Author — Everywhere at Once


I’m on the right, there’s no other way!

Author — HD MGTOW


Speaking of the Stimulus and Obamacare, these two laws are hallmarks of the Obama - Pelosi era. The Stimulus cost taxpayers over $800 billion and did little to spur economic growth. Obamacare has been even more of a disaster by raising premiums and kicking families off their current plans. Only House Democrats can look at these two budget-busting disasters as ''the good old days.''

Author — Hairy John



Author — Patriot


That's because of the 4 young Congresswomen. Democrats see the lunacy emerging and they want it to back peddle. AOC is the worst of them. Dodo bird, her. IF this woman doctor wants to be paid, she really better stick with capitalism. Schultz is a self made man. He talks the independent route but he sounds like a Republican to me.

Author — fattymoko


I really liked this discussion. It is nice hearing civil disagreements for the first time in years.

Author — Andrew Patterson