Who Is the New Self-Declared President of Venezuela? | NYT News

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The 35-year-old opposition leader Juan Guaidó just swore himself in as Venezuela’s interim president. Who is he?


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Venezuela has just become the latest proxy battleground between the world’s superpowers.

Author — David Rosner


I invite to read the Venezuelan Constitution and you will know why he is not what you call a “self-declared” President

Author — Marcos Planchart


You guys are so selfish 😂 yo think that just because the US supports him that’s the end? Not only the the US recognizes him... Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, the EU parliament. Also they don’t tell the whole story. About 84% of Venezuelans recognize him as president and it’s not an outsider source. That’s coming from Venezuelan sources. You guys wanna make it look like it’s right vs left NO. It’s liberty vs oppression. You wanna help us? Then stop accusing him of “Self- Proclaiming” that just show how much you don’t know about our constitution. Maduros election wasn’t free nor legitimate which means that he is no longer a legitimate president. When there is an absence in the presidency the presidente of the National Assembly what you call congress is automatically in charge. At this point the oath is more of a symbolic thing to do, he is automatically in charge. It’s su frustrating to see people thinking they help but they only make things worse.

Author — Santiago Martinez


Guaido is not self-proclaimed. When Maduro unconstitutionally swore as the president of Venezuela, then by law there is no president so the president of the national assembly take the position as the interim president at have to call election in an expand of about thirty days

Author — gabriel igliozzi


Get rid of the evil you know for one you don't know. It's worked really well in Iraq and Lybia 👏👏👏

Author — John


First time I agree with Trump on the fake media issue. Do some research, he is not self declared, he is following the Constitution unlike Maduro and his group of killers

Author — Rogelio Marin


"Hola" - I m Mike Pence ahahahahahah

Author — DTS`


I love how priviliged westerners like to hate the US govt and rant like they know what's going on on my country because their biased news source told them socialism is not to blame, that Chavez was good and that the US is backing a coup.

I would like you to go and say to one of the mothers of the more than 300 protesters killed by the military, half of them just teenagers-, go and tell them how much you know about Venezuela. See one of the millions of starving children in MY country and explain to them why the US, not Maduro, is bad. Try to blame the sanctions, and go and tell that to my cousin, who was killed in the times of Chavez, who he claimed Venezuela was the safest country in the world. Tell me, who, with 17 years old, had police men chase me, had to see my friends shot at, had to run away from my school while military men stormed in looking for my activist friends-Go ahead and tell me how wrong I am. Be that stupid, be that ignorant. But let me tell you something:

The people of Venezuela would rather the US to invade US, to establish a puppet state, to steal all our oils reserves, than this. Children die of starvation on the streets, cancer patients just have to accept death without the possibility to fight, parents have theirs kids killed by that govt you defend. So while you rant about how much you hate the US and capitalism through your US designed iphone, think about that

Author — mari v cardenas


Pray for Venezuela 😇
Love and Support from The Philippines 🇵🇭

Author — Noaim Mantar


Is NOT self declared, he is the president of the congress (National Assembly), because the democratically elected congress doesn't recognise Maduro re-election

Author — Francisco Pérez


2:00 what I see when my sleep paralysis kicks in👀😫...

Author — Shawn Davis


There is not much I can do, but my most sincere prayers to all the people SUFFERING IN VENEZUELA!!! ¡¡¡¡Venezolanos unidos jamás serán VENCIDOS!!!!

Author — Abdias Alvarez


No “self declaration” happening. Do the research. Guiadó was the elected National Assembly President and became President under the 233 law of our Constitution, when Maduro failed the conditions of a fair election. Venezuela voted Guaidó. BAD JOURNALISM NYT.

Author — Daniela García


Pence Pelosi 2019!! Lets get this done.

Author — obc55


So happy for the people of Venezuela. It's time for change!

Author — Ty Vann


That's like a real version of the "Uhm today I will" meme.

"Uhm today I will proclaim myself as president of Venezuela"

Author — Paguo


Peace and love to everyone in Venezuela. Stay safe 🙏🏼

Author — Faizol Mai


I wish everyone in Venezuela peace and safety 💖

Author — Ian K. Couch


Interesting how the sheeple speech is immediately putting the US as the Boogeyman, but no complains can be heard of Russia and China who shot down the proposal of giving Venezuelan citizens humanitarian supplies and own important industries in the country and a large part of the access of raw materials like gold, aluminum and oil.
Russian bots and propaganda have gotten very smart nowadays...

Author — It's Ders Mane


When you have oil, USA is there to help you !! CIVIL WAR START !

Author — Gusti Dilganda