A Tribe Called Quest - Steve Biko (Stir it Up)

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Track 2 from A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders album (1993).
Linden boulevard represent, represent
Tribe called quest represent, represent
When the mic is in my hand, Im never hesitant
My favourite jam back in the day was eric b. for president

Rude boy composer
Step to me youre over
Brothers wanna flex
Youre not mad cobra
Mc short and black
There aint no other
Trini-born black like mia longs grandmother
Tip and sha they all that, phife-dawg ditto
Honey tell your man to chill, or else youll be a widow
Did not you know that my styles are top-dollar?
The five-foot assassin knockin fleas off his collar
Hip-hop scholar since bein knee-high to a duck
The height of mugsy bogues, complexion of a hockey puck
You better ask somebody on how we flip the script
Come to a tribe show and watch the three kids rip

Queens is in the house represent, represent
A tribe called quest represent, represent
No tamin of the style cuz it gets irreverent
A tribe called quest represent, represent

Huh-huh, here we go
You know that Im the rebel
Throwin out the wicked like God did the devil
Funky like your grandpas drawers, dont test me
We in like that, youre dead like presley
When we comin through get tickets to see me
We work for the paper so therell never be a preemie
Lyrics are abundant cuz we got it by the mass
Egos are all idle cuz the music is the task
Valenzuela on the pitch, curveball, catch it
I think I got it locked, just smooth while I latch it
Now I must move with the quickness
Here comes shaheed so we must bear the witness


Stir it up x3
Steve biko

Stir it up x3
Steve biko

Verse 2

New york city represent, represent
A tribe called quest represent, represent
The dawg is scientific with the styles I invent
A tribe called quest represent, represent

Mcs like to meddle, but heres my proposition
I let my lyrics flow, and jumped your whole position
Im radical with this like the man this song is after
Yo tip settle down, whats the reason for the laughter?

I really cant say, I guess I laugh to keep from cryin
So much goin on, people killin, people dyin
But I wont dwell on that, I think Ill elevate my mental
Thanks for these bars on the biko instrumental

Yo I take it back, Im the indian giver
Mcs take notes as I stand and deliver
Percussion isnt less, ds wear the vest
While they dodgin bullets, you should be dodgin quest
Dont get me wrong, violence is not our forte
I just like to rhyme, kick the lyric skills like pele
Tip educateem, my rhymes are strictly taboo
Fill em with some fantasies and Ill look out like tattoo


I am recognizing that the voice inside my head
Is urging me to be myself but never follow someone else
Because opinions are like voices
We all have a different kind
So just clean out all of your ears
These are my views and you will find that
We revolutionize over the kick and the snare
The ghetto vocalist is on a state-wide tear
Soon to be the continent and then the freakin globe
Theres room for it all as we mingle at the ball
We welcome competion cuz it doesnt make one lazy or worn
We gotta work hard, you know the damn card
Try to be the fattest is the level that we strive
Try to be the fattest also to stay alive

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Everyone says illmatic is the all-time best hip hop album but I'm starting to think more and more everyday Midnight Marauders is

Author — Nick Patides


A tribe was way ahead of their time.. q tips production is crazy! him and Phife were like yin and yang

Author — polaske93


this is my cup of coffee for the morning

Author — TopDawg Fresh


One of the best hip hop songs ever written, period. Probably top 25.

Author — John Falcon


"MCs like to meddle, but here's my proposition
I let my lyrics flow, and juxt your whole position"

okay, okay, so that's we call this real hip hop them...

Author — GOGOgomes


thank god for mobb deep, wouldve never got into rap like this. love this shit, way better than whats being put out nowadays, and thats not even me being negative. im 16 and love this shit, its actual art.

Author — Parker Hix


THIS whole album was fucking FIRE. Nuff said.

Author — Ryo Amora


One of the sickest intro's in hip hop with them horns:

"Linden Boulevard, represent, represent. A tribe called Quest represent, represent/ When the mic is in my hand, I'm never hesitant, my favorite jam back in the day was Eric B for president.

Author — ken swift


I honestly choose this and 36 chambers over illmatic any day



Stephen Bantu Biko (18 December 1946 – 12 September 1977)

Author — Pla Awa


I listened to this and Low End Theory every day at work while I was still working at Lowe's. Played the CD's in my Toyota on my breaks. Then when breaks were done, played the mp3s on my phone while loading mulch into pickups. Made life there so much better.

Author — James Malinowski


Throwing out the wicked like God did the devil

Author — iLLMATiC


Fucking mad respect for Malik, all his bars were amazing.

Author — Jack Adams


- and jux-ya-whole-position. Next level

Author — E B


That snare in the headphones....Good God!!!!

Author — Alex Wilson


First Track on the Album: "Lyrics are abundant cause we got it by the

Last Track on the Album: "Lyrics are there I sound

Author — Myron Sanders


So much going on, people killing, people dying...
Rest in piece Phife dawg...

Author — Dalibor Pejcic


A tribe called quest represent ! I was not even born when this came out !

Author — randidoo


The Yin and Yang between these two in this song is unmatched!

Author — Nicholas


I am recognizing that the voice inside my head is urging me to be myself never follow no one else = dope

Author — Juan Diaz