Covid-19: UK isolation grows as more countries ban travel - BBC News

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More countries have banned arrivals from the UK because of concerns at the spread of a new variant of coronavirus.

India is the latest state to suspend flights from the UK, joining Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland and Germany.

On Sunday evening , France shut its border with the UK for 48 hours, meaning no lorries or ferries will be able to sail from the port of Dover.

As queues grow in Kent, the prime minister will chair a meeting of the government's emergency committee later.

Belgium and the Irish Republic have also suspended flights. India will halt flights from Tuesday evening until the evening of 31 December.

Austria is also set to bring in a ban, while Bulgaria has suspended flights to and from the UK from midnight. Unlike the short-term measures in many other nations, its ban lasts until 31 January.

European Union member states are due to meet in Brussels later to discuss a co-ordinated response.

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2020 to 2021: "hey humans, my buddy 2021 is taking over! Til we meet again!"

Author — Van Christian Ursua


It’s 28 Days Later, the whole UK quarantined.

Author — Ewan Callister


It's like an episode of the 1970s series 'Survivors' - nearly eveybody
wiped out by a virus, but no dead bodies to be seen anywhere.

Author — National Dance Service


It sounds Brexit has kicked in a bit earlier.

Author — Hamid Ghadry


Didnt realise so many people were still travelling around the world.

Author — Etheral101


Get used to this nonsense "YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN CANCELLED!"

Author — OLD RED


Come on people can't you see. "Deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test "

Author — lukman karlia


The images of the great depression will soon be available in 1080 HD only they wont be from 1929

Author — Richard Cranium


“For 48 hours” yeah because Rona booked those days off 🙄

Author — in3vitableTIMING


Did I hear right? This new variant was discovered in September and now they want to do something?

Author — quicksave


I've heard that even The Doctor has been forbidden to use his TARDIS for fear that he could spread COVID-19 throughout time and space.

Author — robrobbins


Christmas spirit folks...spare a thought for the poor hauliers, wherever they are from, (and their families, ) who are stuck in this horrible situation...and none of it is their fault. Put the politics aside and focus on people!

Author — Shelley Philcox


It's all set for the covid certificate

Author — Manly P. Hall


Amazing how they have banned flights from the UK. Wish that had happened in China when it was first released.

Author — StimParavane


Should have done this ages ago and we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

Author — Geordiesrule


Yet Schools still open the whole time. Enjoy your lonely Christmas you naive fools

Author — manofknowledge1000


You thought 2020 was bad.. 2021 going to be a real shit storm. Buckle up.

Author — Joe Banner


It’s a pity boris didn’t work this fast in feb.

Author — marcosteffano


Or as we call it... "No-deal brexit trial period" :P

Author — Gileseypops


This is what happens when you vote for Brexit and the Conservative Party. Congratulations you're now getting a taste of what you want. Really very smart not!!!

Author — JL H