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Kazakhstan has had a great year in political outreach, and a not-so-great year in economy. With so many of you asking for an update, we thought we'd ask: How Powerful is Kazakhstan?

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Did you know? Recently Kazakhstan has ditched Cyrlic for Latin alphabet?

Author — Major Skies


Kazakhstan greatest country .We are brothers from Turkey

Author — Mehmet Caner


I know it doesnt matter to the Video, but Kazakhstan has a very beautiful flag in my opinion :3

Author — Hoehlenmaensch


German it is not nearly neighborhood of Kazakhstan

Author — Samat Smakov


How powerful is Kazakhstan? They have a GGG. Nuff said.

Author — TheIbarraz


I like very much Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world

Author — Borat


Kazakhstan is as powerful as Russia wants it to be....

Author — Jay


neighboring countries like GERMANY? go on google maps and see how close Germany is to Kazakhstan.

Author — Evgeny Stolyarov


So many “clever” and “original” Borat jokes. It’s 2017 not 2008

Author — Carpe Diem


Well, They do have the cleanest prostitutes and superior potassium

Author — Horrible WWI Italian General


It's funny how western media always knows the human rights abuses in countries that are not US lapdogs, better than the countries themselves. Coinsidence?

Author — Predator of Darkness


*How powerful is the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)?*
This is my 19th petition!!!
We are getting closer. They actually mentioned CSTO in this episode!

Author — Askeladden


Hey you... Yes the one who is reading this
May u have a bright future and be successful in your life and make your parents proud and have a good day..🙂🙂🙏✌

Author — Ayush Kumar


Isn't that the home country of that really pretty volleyball player that got viral quite a while ago?

Author — Hitler is actually a cat


Didn’t mention anything about Russian space program in Kazakhstan, this is how I came to know about this country. Great video, I know the Capital is very beautiful and has large investments something like Dubai.

Author — Adam Kamali


Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world, all other countries run by little girls. Khazakstan number one exporter of potassium, all other countries have infioior potassium.

Author — Foop


I was literally just watching a Borat interview...

Author — Cole-Con O


I now demand a yearly episode of "How Powerful is Kazakhstan"

Author — General Kale Ran.


I am from Pakistan and i went to Kazakhstan in Summer Kazakhstan is a beautifull place realt Beautifull

Author — Ahmed Nabeel


*Much Great Kazakhstan is unrivaled in make powerful! Glory all to Kazakhstan!*

Author — Borat Sagdiyev