Ivanka Trump Doesn't Understand Words

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Ivanka Trump Doesn't Understand Words4
Donald Trump's daughter is among the most trusted members of his administration. And yet, she appears to have extreme difficulty finding the right... letter compounds? Alphabet parties? Oh, words!!

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Ivanka has the best words teacher. Her teacher has the best words. The best. He's like a smart person. Nobody knew that. and his vocabulary is yuge. There's no problem there, believe me.

Author — New Message


Ivanka Trump formula:  Look hot and speak in a hushed, deliberate tone as if you are being profoundly thoughtful.  She is as despicable as her father.

Author — fishbone3333


Did ivanka graduate from Trump University??

Author — Joann Pasco


Princess Ivanka of Scamalot fits every dumb blonde joke I have ever heard .

Author — ThE DuCk


Trump definitely passed down his smart genes to his kids, didn't he.

Author — Michael Nelson


She's complicit relatively speaking. Happy birthday.

Author — Man O War


Still smarter than 95% of trump's voters

Author — Mars Silvergold


so this is the cleverest of trump's kids, and adored by american people? hmm..

Author — nina nadir


Her mind spits out sentences as "Word Salad". All of the adult trumps (sans Tiffany), have learned how to be "confident" no matter how over their head they are, no matter how stupid they may sound. They would interrupt and offer suggestions to a rocket scientist for NASA and ask an incredibly stupid question and feel they accomplished something big in a day that was otherwise terrific. Because their vulgar, bigoted dad taught them to believe they are genetically superior because they are rich. They are vapid, delusional parasites.

Author — SWSimpson


The Happy Birthday one cracked me up lol

Author — Jaime Reynolds


The whole family is showing the world how unintelligent they all really are. That is why people voted for him--they thought he was really smart and going to fix the U.S. He fooled them all! Trump took millions he inherited from his family and made more money--they are all rich pretenders!

Author — kim


What happens when you don't actually go to school, but just have Daddy pay for the grades. Right Tiffany?

Author — Candace Drimmer


she is herfathers daughter neither one has a clue

Author — Eleanor Sanchez


Relatively great video, happy birthday.

Author — Funke Motor


Looks like stupid does run in the family.

Author — Alexander Thomas


Remember, Trump knows words. Really....incredible words, like you wouldn't believe. Of course, he's never actually disclosed any of these amazingly yuge words, but let me tell you, people have told me that they're really, unbelievable uh...words.

Author — D Me


That whole family is dumb, it’s very...what’s the word? Oh yeah, complicit XD

Author — Eeriel Constantine


trump supporters trying to dislike the sad truth! lol

Author — CaixasSong


I don’t know what’s more funny: Ivanka’s false vocabulary or Colbert keeping a straight face talking and joking about it

Author — O'Fearghail the Fearless


There is no need for this type of humor. There is a perfectly logical explanation why Ivanka isn't so good with words. She got her education at the same ivy league college her father got his.

Author — David Edwards