CNN reporter trapped with Iraqi forces during ISIS attack

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For more than 28 hours, CNN's Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Laine were with Iraqi special forces during their push into ISIS-held Mosul.

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i love how every one is giving credits to the journalists but no one gives credit to the camera man

Author — impulse


This is the realest reporting CNN has ever done.

Author — Mr King Kee


Journalists then: I went through battles with risked of getting shot and killed
Journalists Now: This netflix show have no gay characters, I'm offended

Author — Tyr4m


I hate CNN but this reporter earns all my respect after doing this

Author — Will


Karen's should taste what this reporter did, so they can understand that wearing a mask is not that bad.

Author — Smallpp Master


Bro who is this reporter that’s not scared of anything

Author — Mister


I wonder how much that reporter got. They almost died...

Author — Elliott Rock


Imagine driving a taxi in the middle of a war torn country

Author — Don Lesley


She says “they” like she’s not getting shot at too

Author — Drew Cowlthorp


Bruh what about the camera man every one just talking bout the reporter. The camera man was going first and everything. Don’t forget about the soilders also.

Author — Larne


I feel horrible knowing that I’m sat here comfortable, safe, watching YouTube on my iPad...Whilst there are men (and women) out there fighting to keep everyone safe. Putting their lives on the line for us all.

Author — Lily Gibbs


Rest In Peace taxi driver. So sad so many meet this fate, it’s horrible and so scary to think about.

Author — Sam Warelow


The scariest part is that you can’t see the enemy

Author — The One Monkey


Sucks to be the bulldozer guy, literally a sitting armoured duck.

Author — ryu


You can't see the enemy... Thats why theres a sentence "Suppressing fire"

Author — Real JavaGm


CNN is hated by everyone but this reporter made an exception for a second.

Author — Malcolm Kennedy


whoever drove the bulldozer was a hero, pretty much a death sentence

Author — Involuntary Soul


I love how they bleep out the swearing but show a dead body

Author — Liam Walsh


Never ends. People will forever kill each other. Damn sad.

Author — Chon Dominguez


*Someone throws a granade at solider*.
Solider: throws it back.

Author — Iyoow Abukar