Exclusive: Black Hebrew Israelite member speaks out after Covington Catholic confrontation

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Exclusive: Black Hebrew Israelite member speaks out after Covington Catholic confrontation4.5
Kahtriel Ben Yosayf, a member of the group at the center of the Covington Catholic student controversy, sits down with Jesse Watters to explain what the group is about.

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This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing because JESUS spoke in the HOLY BIBLE that a man is not bound by the sins of his father, unless he commits that sin himself.

Author — Beth Shadid


Esau have l Hated, For Jacob Have l Loved

Author — Amos Shalum


Btw the woman in the video who was pushed down was actually arrested for attacking them first

Author — THS Last


The house of Edom is shaking in fear they know their time is almost

Author — CeLL OnE


Why when we speak truth its militants and radical. That's how you know we special 😋

Author — Pamela Shannon


Liberals are EVIL! It's been going on since President Trump won the nomination. The media is EVIL .

Author — Melvin Hunt


Why didn't you show her hitting him first

Author — Eric Carter


All Praise to the Most High God of Israel

Author — We Got Next Forever


Uhm...where is this journalist when the White Supremacist be thrown their garbage and attacking people physically which is nothing compared to a group speaking their minds

Author — Mani Notbougie


Yah your right it's a black thing. 100%

Author — stone free


I honestly don’t care what they have to say. They’re despicable.

Author — Beachgirl127


Man this is the end times. This is so evil. All of this is so evil. Racism of any kind...is from the pit of hell. These people are so decieved

Author — Jennifer Wood


Latest school shooting Colorado, May 2019. You people are finished. APTTMH.

Author — casey james


6:58 “All people think about when they hear about the Hebrew Israelites” I never even seen them as a hate group ever😐😑

Author — Kevin Barrera


Why don´t we just separate from other races? We don´t nee this. Peoples can trade, but countries should be homogenous.

Author — Mordakai Silberstein


Just another hate group, Hebrew Israelites are not bound and chained here. If it's Israeli land they claim is theirs then go to Israel and claim it.

Author — Timmy Johnson


The land is ours. And the day we all wake up will be great.

Author — Tera Latoya


This man on here is failing. he should have sent someone else to represent

Author — electrocute


Psalm 83:3

 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

Author — Psalm 144:1 Romans 13


I consider it was truth they was being honest and so yeah I consider it's been real

Author — Carnetha Clark