Breaking News: Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hits western Turkey, Greece

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Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hits western Turkey, Greece
Several buildings have collapsed with people trapped in the rubble but no immediate reports of fatalities.


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May all of you in Turkey and Greece are safe and everything is all right! from Tokyo🇯🇵

Author — ᗷIG ᕼOᒪIᗪᗩY


We pray for all people to be safe on both sides. With love from Greece.

Author — gg1275


May all of you in Turkey and Greece be safe and those who are injured, quick recovery, much love from Uganda.

Author — Mulinda Faridah


I was there just a year ago October, 2019. My heart goes out to the people Greece and Turkey.

Author — Consume Honey


What in the world! There will be aftershocks. Omg. 😭😭

Author — Claudette S


My deepest condolences to the victims families!

Author — Asu Me


My prayers are with the victims in Turkey and Greece wish them quick recovery

Author — Fatma Jidale


Please don't celebrate death. It's barbaric and inhumane. We need to be compassionate towards those who are suffering. Prayers for the departed souls 🙏

Author — Anand Shekhar


thank you all for your good wishes god bless you all

Author — Şahin Güneş


Prayer's 🙏❤️ to both affected countries.
Stay strong

Author — Frostbite


Now for turkey it would be easy to understand it the effects of war .. No one gona send turkey aid till turkey give aid to armenia n azerbaizan both

Author — Abhishek Kumar


Taking armenian's land and doing that to the french... karma...

Author — Arshia Seyyed Shakeri


Ilahayha jabiyo cadowga Turkey amiin ilahay ha u dhib yareeyo 🇸🇴❤🇹🇷

Author — Sacdiya Ali


My thoughts and prayers for the people of Turkey and Greece.
I hope the international community will swiftly send aid.

Author — Abraham Tsfaye


Keep politics out of this... Pray for Izmir🙏

Author — VeganVampire


Pray for Turkey and Greece. Don’t forget we are humanbing.

Author — JUBAER Ahmed


My beautiful city Izmir I hope you recover fast from this disaster.
My good thoughts and wishes for our Greek friends as well.

Author — Geyik Abi


May God save Greece, love from the Kurds ❤️

Author — Святой Kот


May Allha protect them. So you see people don't need to kill each other on the name of religion or caste. We are all subject to many other natural disasters. So plz promote peace. Be kind and compassionate

Author — Kalsang Dolma


My prayers to thr Turkish and Greek people, I can only pray that the next two months will give us a break

Author — Rebbi T