Graham rips 'garbage' Trump dossier ahead of FISA abuse report

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Graham rips 'garbage' Trump dossier ahead of FISA abuse report5
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham on the upcoming IG report on FISA abuse. #Hannity #FoxNews

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We’ve been hearing this forever and nothing has come of it!

Author — That’s TheGuy!


Obama led his administration into the ditch. Comey will curse Obama when he is convicted, and serving time for illegally spying on the President.

Author — Story Time


Blah blah blah talk talk talk. Let me know when justice shows up. Personally I don't think she will.

Author — David Evans


Ummm...this talk between Lindsey Graham and Sean has been going on for months! This is literally word for word the same interview on a different day. Nothing has been accomplished for months in finding out the facts and holding those

Author — Mark Smith


I'm still waiting for J U S T I C E... is it ever going to H A P P E N?

Author — Hairy John


I wish Graham would just stop coming on Hannity and talking about what is _going_ to be done.
Come on and tell us WHEN things are done!

Author — monkeygraborange


We the people of the United States of America, are going to have to step in and step up! MAGA2020!

Author — Heath Small


Blablablabla... Bring the indictments and then the convictions. Enough is enough!

Author — John R


How can you trust anything these people do or say?

Author — Not allowed to change my name


We all know all the arrows point to Obama.

Author — drinny26


Ughhh...someone wake me when the gallows are built.

Author — 0 0


The FISA court is brain damaged, if we can see the problems, why didn't they?Who is on the court?

Author — Patricia Santoro


The system didn't fail. This was a clear case of trying to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States. Treason treason treason there is no other choice. And there are a bunch of them guilty.

Author — Jeff Logue


Let me know when tickets are up for sale to the public executions 📽. I’ll bring the popcorn 🍿

Author — Ada Cox


What are you waiting for?talk is cheap, Lindsey you or anybody else is going to do're all full of it.The only one keeping his word is the victim Donald J Trump Elected president

Author — Paul Craig


The Democratic party is all corrupt. Lock them all up. Starting with Hillary and Obama.

Author — irish podboss


This isn't going nowhere, Everyone knows who set Trump up....I'm so ashamed of our justice system!

Author — farmer 1 1


Obama is the worst person to ever become president in the history of our country.

Author — Pam Strickland


When are they gonna lock Hillary Clinton up??? She lied under oath in a court of law. That's a felony right?? So the so called ``elites" are subject to different consequences than us other citizens. We deplorables are the backbone of this great country. Without us this country would fail. The politicians are supposed to be serving us but instead they're screwing us every chance they get every way they can. I'm sick and tired of it. When they get voted into office and then serve as term they get that salary the rest of their lives. We dont get our salary when we resign and they shouldn't either. Am I the only one who thinks it's very suspicious how when they go in not rich but wealthy and come out and have millions and 4 different homes and an Smdh!!

Author — Robby Johnson


Democrats are above the law nothing will happen

Author — philly philly