Coldplay w/ Michael J Fox - Earth Angel and Johnny B. Goode

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Coldplay w/ Michael J Fox - Earth Angel and Johnny B. Goode5
Coldplay plays two songs from Back to the Future with Michael J Fox at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey on 7/17/2016.

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745 ppl did not like it, but there kids are going to love it!

Author — EKCO XD


Michael j fox has guts to do this with Parkinson's. Brilliant

Author — Christopher Jenkins


Not a Coldplay fan, but nothing but respect for them for doing this. And Michael J. Fox is the MAN.

Author — Davitt J. Potter


741 Biff Tannens didn't like this video.

Author — Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun


2:28 he missed the chord on purpose exactly like the movie when his hand was disappearing

Author — Teddy Doggy


Woah, so Michael J. Fox was really playing guitar in Back To The Future? I always thought they got a double to play! Nice! :)

Author — Josiah Heng


It's a testament to Michael's resolve he can even play the guitar, let alone get most of the notes right, we're all with you Michael! Awesome to see this, he's a hero

Author — ianA


One of my childhood idols, what an honor to see him played that guitar like he knows best!! A real heroe!! God bless you Michael J. Fox (aka Marty McFly)

Author — Jose Cabezas


My grandpa has Parkinson's and can not move anymore. Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's and is still playing guitar.
Keep it up

Author — Karimman


Chuck! Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this

Author — Nokiablocoff


Michael J Fox wasn't up for doing this at first... But then someone called him Chicken.

Author — Ben Robinson


390 gutless yellow pie-slingers disliked this video.

Author — Westsound191


Michael j fox. Back to the future, epic. My personal favourite film of all time.

Author — Peter Duggan


My favourite Coldplay albums are a rush of blood to the hands and x and yuiopasdfg

Author — Tommy Wiseau


Wow I didn't know Michael j. Fox was that good at guitar. Amazing guy he is.

Author — Christopher MacNeil


As a guitar player and teacher, this made me cry my eyes out

Author — Dikkie SikkStrings


great to see he can still rock, the johnny b goode guitar is fantastic👍

Author — Aevo Guitars


Alright this is an oldie!
Well it's an oldie where I come from...

But Damn good oldie!!!

Author — sirmarek78


I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet... but your kids are gonna love it.

Author — ALX Martinez


Damn the Kick Drum sounds tight in this video... usually it sound shity... it depends on the camera (i guess)

Author — Mike Cook