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Mosul, one of Iraq’s largest cities, was the place where so-called Islamic State declared its caliphate back in 2014. Now, after the Iraqi government has declared victory over IS -the group has also lost its last strongholds in Syria- the massive destruction over the campaign to liberate the city five months ago is in plain sight. Nafiseh Kohnavard from the BBC’s Persian Service has been covering the battle for Mosul and has been back to the city’s old town where life for ordinary civilians is anything but back to normal.

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Thousands of civilians people died here💔😭

Author — aspen blue


Britain and america should be ashamed of themselves and we need to start making amends by putting Tony Blair and George Bush in jail or at least tried at The Hauge.

Iraq wasn't amazing but from Iraqis I know who sought refuge in our countries from the devastation we caused only to be told they aren't welcome, they were living their lives quite comfortably.

Author — Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial


Thank you OBAMA... Your policies made all this a reality.. I always pray for the Iraqi people..

Author — loveulovelife


This is all coz of the Americans killing Saddam Hussain. The Americans need to stop getting involved in the Middle East

Author — owais akram


I thought it was california for a minute.

Author — J.J. Swann


this is just shocking...
what goes on in the world now and we're just here worrying about ourselves and being self centred and unaware thinking we have problems...these people... this is crazy...

Author — Toshana Nath


beautiful American style democracy left. lol.

Author — Rakib hossain


US led coalition bombed them with 'Freedom and Democracy'. Same with Syria. Now Iran, Lebanon and Jordan are in the crosshair - thanks to axis of evil US/Israel/Saudi.

Author — Carlos Danger


Defence contractors are doing well on the NYSE. Trump?

Author — misterfunnybones


shameful remember the Americans and British did this ...and BBC support this

Author — Kee Ppe


The Fake News BBC fails to mention yet again that it was Obama's American B-52 Bombers that committed most of this War Crime. Disgusting.

Author — gary j


Mosul's in a bad shape, but their overall population yet still breathes. You can only go up from here.

Author — Saga Sadness


Thank you Obama
They really didn’t deserve it..
Are you happy now?

Author — Śtãrrÿ Ñíghtš


I have no hate against the immigrants in general, but if they are good people, they will go back and rebuild once there's peace.

Author — Pingu 42


Time for the hypocritical, oil-rich Arab countries to pony up the reconstruction money.

Author — 4thandinches


BBC headlines today: Manhole covers in Japan. Ceiling collapses in stock exchange.

Author — Groke


The BBC has played it's part in all this, shame on you

Author — Jo Hickey


Wow I expected the comments here to be extremely sucky and it totally exceeded my expectations.

Author — esp 320


Democracy and freedom and human rights.

Author — 蝴蝶剑流星


Democracry at it's best form, thanks Murica

Author — Blah Blah