CRAZY WEATHER! Snow Storm in Japan (Dec 16, 2020)

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Snow Storm in Japan 2020. Record-breaking heavy snow up to 5 feet deep blanketing Japan. As of 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, snow accumulation reached 126 centimeters in Nishiwaga Town, the inland, mountainous area of Iwate Prefecture. That's more than four times the usual snowfall at this time of year. Snow also continues falling in Iwamizawa City, in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, which saw more than three times the usual snowfall.

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WOOW 😯 Like a lot of snow! What is the weather in your city? 🙏 Please, share this video. Thanks!



The world has gone Bananas everywhere! 🍌🍌🍌

Author — AA VFX


I wish I could just appear in Japan now some teleportation kind off .

Author — divedeepinside


I love it! It's looks like it's not too cold and those big fluffy flakes...I would love to have a winter like this.

Author — rj


Вот это даааа! а то кричат вчера в ролике, Норильск засыпало!!)) да в Норильске нет снега против Японии!

Author — Стэпан Укроп


God answers all prayers for miracles so always ask for one every single time you pray at the end of The Lords Prayer say Lord JESUS I need a miracle please please ? Ask for whatever you want and say I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen.

Author — matthew kyle


When That all melts it’s gonna result in some serious flood and water issues.

Author — BTT _77


Beautiful. But just crazy and scary for drivers. Stay safe guys. May god bless all and a merry Christmas from the state of Kentucky

Author — jessie ratcliff


Right now, December 16, 2020, 10 PM in Warwick, NY, USA it is snowing heavily. And I'm watching this video?

Author — Eliot Francis


This is quite impressive even for an Ontario Canuck like me. Incredible.

Author — SS


Not crazy. Parts of Japan get a lot of snow.

Author — Bob Stover


This is what the weather is like at my parents place in the mountains in Quebec, Canada. Every damn year!

Author — Ts s


Guy: Uncovers his car from 3 feet of snow
Me: Where do you think you're going?

Author — Nick'Ov Siggers


Upstate NY we just got 40” snow. Told my husband like Niigata snow. For some reason he didn’t believe me. Thanks for the video!

Author — Jan T


your first time in japan?

Author — satanic biscuit


We haven’t had this much snow in my area since January of 2011

Author — Jz Moro


I saw this on the news. Part of this place got 7 feet of snow. It break the record for most snow, set in 2010. Over 1, 000 people were stuck overnight, in a 9 mile traffic jam.

Author — Nenett Ramsarran


I built houses in Japan after the Kobe earthquake, i had to drive over Mt Rokko every day....i saw a lot of snow in Japan...

Author — Cliff Webb


"here let help you up" then pushes you back in the snow... lol

Author — 777Timberwolf


i would like to just appreciate the fact that in the first clip was a true 2004-‘05 JDM Honda Integra Type-R 😭😭😭

Author — TalkJdm