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Hilarious, tragic, stirring, this fly-on-the-wall look at several weeks in an Iranian divorce court provides a unique window into the intimate circumstances of Iranian women’s lives. Following Jamileh, whose husband beats her; Ziba, a 16-year-old trying to divorce her 38-year-old husband; and Maryam, who is desperately fighting to gain custody of her daughters, this deadpan chronicle showcases the strength, ingenuity, and guile with which they confront biased laws, a Kafaka-esque administrative system, and their husbands’ and families’ rage to gain divorces.

With the barest of commentary, acclaimed director Kim Longinotto turns her cameras on the court and lets it tell its own story. Dispelling images of Iran as a country of war, hostages, and “fatwas”, and Iranian women as passive victims of a terrible system, this film is a subtle, fascinating look at women’s lives in a country which is little known to most Americans.

Directed by Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini, author of Marriage on Trial: A Study of Islamic Family Law.

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Judge: you must make yourself attractive to win him back
Woman: I don't want him at all


Author — Faustina Kavoa


Courts: "Remove all that make up...wipe it all off"

10 minutes later "You must make yourself attractive to win him back"

Author — Last name PINTO


As a woman, I feel extremely lucky as I was not born in Iran.

Author — Shady Lady


Wierd how the papers have been 'misplaced' everytime a woman wants her dowry back...

Author — Christopher Ramberg


this is depressing...Im so grateful that I don't live in countries like this

Author — Ειρηνη Σταματη


"A girl can be married when she reaches puberty". "A girl has to ask permission from her husband to go out or answer the phone". WTF Iran?

Author — SyDiko


I am actually surprised that these women stand up for themselves like they do.

Author — A Bryant


The women are so outspoken and strong in such a restrictive regime. Literally wonder why all the comments aren't more of in awe of these wonderful women.

Author — Feri Blinks


"Id rather kill the child, throw her under the car" - thats what the woman in thumbnail says - right in front of the judge 1:02:01

Author — John GTA


"you must make yourself attractive to win him back" bruh, have you seen her husband?

Author — aishah khan


So sad. God bless my mother’s soul for saving us by getting us out of IRAN.

Author — Mersedeh Eghdami


That little girl pretending to be the judge is so adorable and funny. You can tell she's a quick study.

Author — Cait Turner


"Since he says he didn't, there's no point in witnesses..." I think this sentence sums their "justice" system. It is disgusting.

Author — Hande Aral


These women are so strong, despite the system being rigged and used against them. Support women. Period.

Author — Katie Baby


anyone note how only the women's files keep going missing?

Author — hellen keesha


I'm cringing for the man with sexual problems! She is blazing him up LOL

Author — Delanie Forbes


How is that little girl smart and well spoken ? Wow

Author — Evelyn C


Imagine how that judge treats his wife or daughter 😔😔

Author — favoured blessed


It's very hard to imagine that this exists

Author — Brian Peters


The worse part was when the lady who worked in the court started talking against the woman who had divorced and remarried. Women against women is even worse tan men against women

Author — Karime Quesada