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Experience Japan's earthquake and resulting tsunami through exclusive new footage and first person accounts from Sendai and Tokyo. Understand the mega-physics that rocked the Earth on its axis. Explore this most recent Ring of Fire cataclysm in relation to other recent disasters, as scientists pose the question - is the Pacific Northwest United States next in line?

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There was one coastal village in Japan that years ago the Mayor diverted money meant for other projects to build a huge solid gate that would stop a big tsunami. People at the time thought he was an idiot and right up until the tsunami hit Japan they still thought he was an idiot. But when the tsunami was close they closed the gate shut and the tsunami roared inland up to the gate and got no further and the village stayed dry. The people of that area now look upon the Mayor who died some years ago as their savior and a man of great forward vision.

Author — Aussie Pom


I was literally searching up on Tsunamis out of curiosity only to realize it's March 11, 2021. Exactly a decade since this has happened.

Author — Scribby


Rest in peace all of those we lost and condolences to their family and friends 💔

Author — Chihro


Imagine, your entire life washed away by the same element you depend to live on.

Author — Rage Against Idiots


24:52 MAN “But a 3rd disaster is about to strike.” ME “oh come on another one, hasn’t Japan suffered enough.”

Author — Alastair Goffey


I hope all affected by Japan's darkest day are now ok and all who died rest on peace 🙏🙏

Author — The secular humanist


The saddest part is the nuclear plant explosion. People had to go inside the plant with high amount of radiation. And they mentioned it was as bad as what happened in Chernobyl. It’s just terrible. I admire these brave heroes.

Author — Charlotte Lee


The old man trying to find his house broke my heart 😭

Author — Bloom


Rip to the people inside that black van

Author — Shin Wolford


I remember being in prep, and I was learning Japanese and the teacher told us about his family and his town, I felt so sad but intrigued

Author — Sahana K


When the old man said this is my house... At the end.... It broke was sad but was satisfied that he is alive.

Author — Saumya Shukla


I really love the way how Japanese people explain things, so detailed like a poem, it really makes you get a sense of what it was like

Author — ShockflyerProjectz


For some reason i can never watch footage of anything that happened that day in japan. My heart breaks into a million pieces every time i see videos of the waves breaking onto land

Author — kikki


I remember watching this live as an 8 year old. The one time my mum let me stay up to watch tv. It was horrifying then. And still as horrifying now. Rip to all that were lost 🙏

Author — ZeeBee


All credit to the people who helped in the recovery afterwards..all unsung heroes..

Author — Shookree Seeree


Imagine if that earthquake struck at night and the tsunami approaching in the dark.🥶

Author — Behary Sudheer


Even though most of japan’s structures are made to go against earthquakes, seeing skyscrapers swaying like that must be terrifying

Author — Sup Dude


I’m so sorry for those who lost their lives Rest In Peace 😔 🙏

Author — Itsyahboi Cayden


The old man in the end, it broke my heart.

Author — Yogita Choudhary


The fact that many didnt wait for authorities. They just knew to run to high ground... thats what saved lives that day. It was so fast. Im still surprised anyone survived that day!

Author — budgiebreder