Reel Rock: King Lines, Part 2

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See why Chris Sharma is one of the world's best climbers as he searches for the hardest and most beautiful route in the world: The King Line.

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After all these years, I still come back to this clip when I need some climbing stoke.

Author — easims10


Oh know i dont belive it but its pure true and

Author — anil singh


3:43 "well thats should do for my warm up."

Author — Colin Lu


Just amazing.. thanks for sharing that moments.. u inspiring me too

Author — Grégory Clip


My big question is “How could you that ?”

Author — Abd 1980


Essence of climbing in a quote of two sentences;
Climbing is this ever evolving thing, and altough it really is about the goal succeeding getting to the top. At the same time, it's a never ending cycle of finding something that you're really motivated on; Obsessive over it, and once you get to the top, celebrating for a little while, and then moving on to the next thing.
Love it.

Author — Jerin Emmen


That's the most incredible dyno i've ever seen by far

Author — aa357


Your so beautifully amazing. Perfection, mastery . Super dope. Thank you

Author — Ricardo Becerril


I can't believe this. Is good. You very strong oll the best

Author — Shavan Witharana


😂😂😂amazing incredible how can do that ???

Author — Julmain Amilasan


Can't believe really. How someone can be at this level. Amazingg Keep it

Author — Savlaram Suthar