Liquid Air Battery Explained - Rival to Lithium Ion Batteries?

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💬 Comments on the video

So what did the $/MWh cost boil down to? How does it compare to current grid scale Lithium Ion battery technology. I love your channel but this just came across as a fluff piece without real analysis and numbers.

Author — Olivier Vallee


I'm in Manchester UK, there's one a few miles from here.
Another advantage is that the engineering and construction skills are not too different from the oil and gas industry, so skills can be carried over as we phase those out.

Author — David May


This was one of my university presentation 9 years ago ☺️

Author — Sidharth Satheesh


Thereare no rare earth metals in lithium ion batteries

Author — mikeselectricstuff


Sorry for nitpicking, Matt, but again: "rare earth metals" ("rare earth elements", actually, by IUPAC) does not simply mean "rare" or "expensive" or "difficult to procure" metals. The term is precisely defined as denoting lanthanides plus scandium and yttrium - certainly not lithium, cobalt nor nickel. None of those are used in batteries, AFAIK, although some _are_ used in permanent magnet motors (and generators), usually neodymium. Perhaps that's the source of seemingly endless misuse of the term.

Author — bazoo513


I'd never heard of this tech before! Loving the channel

Author — Jesse


This could condense water from the air as a byproduct even in the desert

Author — Richard Hacker


Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the simplest.

Author — Pilcrow


Thanks for showing this Matt. We have a plant that is being built in Manchester UK. Let's hope that the adoption of Cryo increases and can be integrated with other storage methods.

Author — Johnny B


One of the fun things is that your "liquid air" storage system has increased efficiency when you combine it with a conventional thermal plant.

Author — John Gilmer


50 mgs really when the governor of California calls for a total swing to electric by 2030 not happening

Author — Rick Anderson


You are often confusing power and energy. I hear you say “megawatt” for energy storage.

That’s like saying the grocery store is “5 mph” away, when you mean “5 miles” away.

I know this is driving many of your viewers crazy and lots of people comment on it.

To further beat a dead horse, power is an instantaneous measure of energy flow. A kW can’t do any work; it’s not a unit of energy.

Just like 60mph won’t get you anywhere unless you travel at that speed for a millisecond, an hour or a week. Then you’ll have travelled some fraction of a mile. Or multiple (or thousands) of miles. That’s analogous to energy.

Author — Larry Manuel


Nope. They're wasting their time and money on this.

Author — DJ Deckard Cain


From my gut feeling, the costs per MWh are probably too expensive, but we will see...

Author — fr89k


If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "this could change everything" regarding battery technology.

Author — Steve Chance


I live in Madison County, Indiana. We currently have a large number of solar farms, with more on the way, and the northern half of the county is covered with wind generators. We’ve been good about jumping on new renewable energy sources and I really hope to see this in my community. The coal generators are dropping like flies, maybe someday we can ditch gas power as well.

Author — Chris Nealis


Thanks for covering this, Matt - great technology and was hoping you'd do so after your previous battery video 👍👍

Author — Alan Robertson


If I recall correctly, according to "Plug Life Television" there are no rare earth materials in a battery (if you check the periodic table)

Author — Rtfa Zeberdee


You know someone is going to say “I NEED AIR TO BREATHE! DON’T TAKE MY AIR AWAY!
Not have it in smartphones? I don’t know. I’ll need something to cool my quantum computing device (iPhone 22) ;-)

Author — Greg Hartwick


I want to go back 20 years in time to implement this technology, and be the Elon Musk of energy storage.

Author — Douglas Smith