BOMBSHELL: Trump's Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly

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BOMBSHELL: Trump's Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly4.5

"In 1984, a Russian émigré named David Bogatin went shopping for apartments in New York City. The 38-year-old had arrived in America seven years before, with just $3 in his pocket. But for a former pilot in the Soviet Army—his specialty had been shooting down Americans over North Vietnam—he had clearly done quite well for himself. Bogatin wasn’t hunting for a place in Brighton Beach, the Brooklyn enclave known as “Little Odessa” for its large population of immigrants from the Soviet Union. Instead, he was fixated on the glitziest apartment building on Fifth Avenue, a gaudy, 58-story edifice with gold-plated fixtures and a pink-marble atrium: Trump Tower.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)

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People in NYC have known about this for years. The fact that the mob stuff didn't come up during the election is just another failure of the people whose job it was to defeat Trump.

Author — MaGarthur


The Russians own DJT body and soul. When the facts come out from the investigation, he may be the first US president tried for being a traitor. Historic.

Author — Seofthwa


He went bankrupt 6x and still claims he is a billionaire. Hmmm... Reason why he won't show his income tax return. Obviously he is hiding something.. I won't be surprised if those Russian mobs own his ars

Author — mjrmarblez


Buy a property, sight unseen, after to holding for four years, and sell it for five times the original value, to the Russians! Sounds like an illegal pay off to me!

Author — supertech20002


How the hell can a country keep a president like him, I cannot believe this man is still in office, must be a hell of a lot of stupid people in America.

Author — June Nash


Trump has a history, dating back to the 1980s, of organized crime affiliations, as well. He is shady, unprofessional, undignified and dangerous to the US. He is damaging the very foundation of American government. This view into his corruption is only the Tip of the iceberg. The US is losing its status as a world power under his direction, his focus is to further his own agenda.

Author — Diane Duran


Don the con. Not surprised. He's been a Russian and traitor for a long time.

Author — Rebe Vera


Trump supporters will put their little blinders on and immediately think this is fake. Even when you tell them, hey do your own research. Even if it's something that Trump or his family has said. They have been so brainwashed (gas-lit) that they can't see what's right in front of their face.

Author — King Adamus


"The election is I win" DJT
Yeah.. 35% of the population voted that mentality. That's very scary.

Author — luvUtube247


The hand going into he washing machine is entirely too big o be trumps

Author — Summers day


The bottom line is that a money launderer for the Russian mob has been elected President. And it's obvious to all but the wilfully blind and brain dead that Trump is lying non-stop about his 'Russian connections' that, as well as laundering money played a significant role in subverting the 2016 election. That's some president the Republicans elected ...

Author — Dallas McQuarrie


And we knew all this in August 2017, can you imagine what Mueller knows by now?

Author — Terry Teschner


He is a racist so his base will give him a pass on his corruption.

Author — Carl B


Now we know why Trump WILL NEVER release his tax returns. That's to say never under his own volition.

Author — julian baughman


People are clueless! If they had bothered to look into his dealings, they would have found all kinds of shady shit! I told my older brother after the election that I was worried about what this con man would do, I told him he was a modern day PT Barnum, his reply, . he was a successful businessman like trump! I tell trumpers, don't worry about Mueller and collusion, it is the criminality in his past that will bring him down!

Author — Kevin Maher


Everything is actually adding up. I always knew this guy was a scum bag.  I can not wait to see how this whole thing unfolds.

Author — Yctaxi


Now that they have the business records and contents of Michael Cohen’s office, home, and hotel suite, I pray prosecutors, federal and state, will expose enough of the crimes of Donald Trump to reveal his true character to blind supporters. I hope TYT ties all the pieces together while these investigations unfold.

Author — Diane Joy Simunek Obregon


Rudy Giuliani was Mayor of NYC while much of this illegal activity was going on. What are the chances he wasn't involved? (zero) Is it any wonder he's now making a fool of himself supporting Trump and trying to minimize the importance of the Mueller investigation? THE RUSSIANS OBVIOUSLY OWN GIULIANI AS WELL AS TRUMP.

Author — cableaddict


And what does that say about the GOP protecting him??!!

Author — Kelly Theberge


if Trump has been at this for so long, how has he stayed out of prison?  I hope this is why Mueller has taken so long, to make it an air-tight case so there are many convictions leading to prison.  The implications are enormous.  The Russian people are living in austerity because after the break-up of the USSR, much of the Russian money went into the pockets of the oligarchs and Putin with his $70 billion.  Trump, according to this, was a major player in robbing the Russian people.  Also, if this all gets exposed, what's keeping Putin from snuffing Trump?

Author — Rita Marie Kelley