Van Life Turkey | Finally we get some good news!

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Finally we get good news which means we are one step closer to continuing our Van Life adventure. We find some seriously delicious food & if we stay longer in Turkey we may put on a lot of weight !!

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Travel vlog 308 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Love turkey. We should have been there in May. Just been looking to book again for September. Love the hospitality

Author — Lone Camper


Celal bey onlar için büyük şanssınız..Teşekkür ederiz..
Thank you Mr Celal..

Author — Esra


6.54 Ali pays the delivery customs fee😊 12 lira

Author — Karapasha


So great I love turkey
Really beautiful country 😍 I guess, I go to do turkey

Author — Good Cat


That’s pretty cool! Go pro, friends in Turkey helping you find it, UK friends and their adventures! So happy we are a part of your adventures! Thanks for sharing!

Author — Discovering LockeNest


06:54 the delivery guy is asking for 12lira and the other guy says " shhh it is okay I ll pay it to you over there " even you can t realize that his favour =) since my childhood always my parents told me if you make a favour never show it, I like this culture

Author — E_


1:50 OMG Marianne you don't even need a translator 🤣

Author — mrbrs


Such a Great Neighbors as a big family, missing you there, Also They taking care of your journey in Turkey every min what you share on youtube.. hope one day, you would Welcome them in Turkey, having fun all together. Hello from London.

Author — IsaWick


Great news on the go pro, food looks amazing, can’t wait until we can go out for a meal again 😋♥️

Author — alison andrews


I’m so curious about the meal under the bridge. I absolutely love it actually, but what is it about?! Love your videos. It brings warmth to my heart during these hard times.

Author — Charlotte Shurtz


The pandemic affecting the world could not keep you from your route, watching your beautiful videos gave great pleasure ..
you guided my dream trips, friends with loving hearts ... greetings

Author — muzaffer eyüp


Afternoon marianne & Chris, , , I was a class 1 driver years back I can remember how boxes do get lost in transit, but that's good yous got it.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Paul&fiana


Oh, nearly there ! New travels nearly in sight. Here in Scotland we've a way to go. Van is begging to get off the drive. LOL. That meal out looked fab. Take care both. XX

Author — Anne Hogg


cargoes are normally very fast but reach 24 hours. It is very difficult for foreigners. especially for a place with a problematic place.
I wish it would have reached in 1 day if you asked for help from the beginning in someone in Turkish.
You can find you quickly address your cargo from all over the turkey. but get help from turkish.
note: celal also paid the shipping fee :)

Author — kadir kul


So glad you finally got the GoPro- Mrs T was getting worried. Great bunch of people you have met in Turkey, real friendly people. I notice someone has said “don’t add others videos”. Tell them “thanks for the advice, but NO”. I think the videos from your friends are really great - so do keep including them- as and when. Loving the idea of driving round Turkey and really looking forward to watching the travels. Take care Steve n Noi

Author — Steve Terrey


You guys are amazing...we are off back to Kalkan in September, and ur vids of Turkey are making me even more excited than before...keep up the amazing work..glad you eventually have a new camera..:)

Author — Mr Loverman


Your persistence is UNMATCHED! (camera) Well done! Kudos, awesome! // And I LOVE Chris's "Oh, you're still here!" haha, that's grand!

Author — DeeTrvl4 Life


What an adventure! As a frequent traveller in Turkey, I want to recommend some places, less frequented by tourists. As you are going to start travelling from Istanbul, on your way to southwestern Turkey, there are some must see sights. Firstly, I would suggest you to visit Ayvalik and Cunda Island (there is a bridge so you can take Trudy with you). There you can see old Greek houses and taste seafood mezes. Two restaurants I would recommend: Lal Girit Mutfagi & Teo’s. In Ayvalik you can also try ‘Ayvalik Tostu’ (at Sultan Fast Food), which you probably have seen or will see in little kiosks all around Turkey. After Ayvalik continue to Dikili and around Kalem Adasi to have a beach day. If you like some ruins ancient Pergamum is right around the corner (the city is also famous for its helva).

Author — Fabian Lefarbre


Hey guys ! Welcome to our Country 🙏🏻 If I need to advise you, you will have to visit the Black Sea section.Trabzon and Rize are the most amazing cities among these recommendations.If you want to get to know Turkish cuisine more closely, you will definitely visit Adana and Gaziantep and taste local foods.🙏🏻🙏🏻😊 Happy Travel

Author — Emre Biri


Wonderful News, you finally got the go pro. So good to see you eating out guys, it really gives you that holiday feel. I can feel it. Great food guys and good atmosphere. Happy for you. 😍😚❤❤❤❤

Author — fiana jojiana