A Married Couple Explains Combining Their Finances

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There are several things a married couple needs to figure out together when they combine finances. Whether it’s deciding to have a personal discretionary fund or saving up for a big purchase, communicating with your partner on how you both want to spend and save your money on is key.


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A Married Couple Explains Combining Their Finances

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Money is the number one cause of divorce so being on the same page financially is critical 😀👍

Author — Chris Invests


My husband and I combined our bank accounts after 10 years of marriage. I regret not doing it sooner because we work great as a team. I create our budget each paycheck and text it to my husband. We’re both big spenders but have goals we want to accomplish so we’ve been recently saving like crazy.

I learned nothing from this video.

Author — Devan Ampuero


In Africa/Ghana, the money the woman makes is hers but the man's money is for the family.

Author — Danny


why don’t i believe these two are married?

Author — ken z


So.. This video basically sums up how One couple does with their money? Lol

Author — Quriosity


I expected them talking about risk profiles investing, goals, allocating resources to reach goals, insurance etc. What was this about.?

Author — Siddarth Joji


I can't imagine sharing my bank account with any person, even they are my soulmate, children, parents. Like, it's mine.

Author — Victoria V


This video marks a new low for the channel... I’m taking it off my subscription list.

Author — superluminarius


could you find two people more unqualified to give financial advice?

Author — byron moore


The remind me of Europeans...most of them are broke, but they still think it’s the turn of the 20th century.

Author — Khalid AlAli


Great video! Just did a video on budgeting as a couple for vacations! Just like most things it all comes back to communication ✨

Author — Steph & Den


You can tell who wears the pants in the relationship.

Author — chancy319


Although the video didn't really offer any advice, I enjoyed watching it. They seem like a fun couple .

Author — kineezy


I would do it the exact opposite way. Have each your own checking and savings account (with current interest rates you don’t need a savings account but whatever). And put a set amount per month to the one shared account where you pay everything from that you do both like rent/mortgage, groceries, investments, new dishwasher, date nights etc. If you have extra money in the shared account you can either share it at the end of the year or invest more. If you’re short in that account you know you’ll have to increase the monthly input.

Author — Jacob Kroon


why does she look like a "Alex" and he looks like a "Spencer" ....

Author — Eric G


so all they do is combine their money and split it between the two accounts, how it that any special where is the savings investing etc btw im assuming their big spenders so they will have a hard time getting a house

Author — Son Le


Spend what you want if you guys love eachother who cares 🤷‍♂️

Author — Catbeat Brigade


It seems like she's the pants of the relationship.

Author — Landon Wells


Just so you don't waste 3 minutes on the video, here's a summary:

Direct deposits into one account, and split the funds between paying bills, savings, and discretionary spending for each spouse.

Author — Jeff Sirard


Asking financial advice on the internet is probably a bad idea...

Author — shige