5-24-16 Dodge City, KS Tornado - House Rips Apart! 38 MINUTES LONG!

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An incredible sequence to a tornadic supercell that latched onto an outflow boundary in western Kansas near Dodge City on Tuesday May 24th, 2016. At least 10 total tornadoes touched down from this long lived supercell. Dramatic incidents unfolded as a home started to rip apart as the large, left moving stovepipe tornado tore through. Law enforcement in Ford County checked on the home and the residents were unharmed thankfully. This supercell produced tornadoes for over 60 minutes strait with multiple tornadoes on the ground many times.

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That tornado's not violent. It just has trouble expressing its anger and frustration in a healthy way. Labeling doesn't help.

Author — Paula Weber


"You can get a little closer."
(Me standing in California) "Nah, I'm good."

Author — NettiesKid 2294


The midwest looks like a beautiful place to live minus the fingers of God that drop out of the sky.

Author — Subzero


If I had five dollars for every time he said “vahlent tornado” I’d have... well... a pretty decent amount of dollars. I could definitely treat my wife to a pretty nice dinner.

Author — Big Phil


The thing about videos is that i can never tell how far away it is.

Author — Jason Davis


When people describe a tornado as violent is this in contrast to a gentle tornado. Would love to hear some storm chasers repeatedly saying GENTLE TORNADO!! GENTLE TORNADO!!

Author — Ryan


Now I know where the term “Let’s get the hell out of Dodge” came from.

Author — brooks wade


Of all the tornado videos I’ve watched, I’ve never laughed as hard as this one... Especially when one of you shit your pants. That was marvelous.

Author — FFEMTB08


Imagine these two doing the weather!!!😝😜😂😂😂

Author — edelweiss211c


I love how these guys made a 38 minute video with incredible footage of an insane tornado. Unbelievable views/angles. An intimidating and frightening natural disaster that most of us have never seen or will see, and would never want to see in person, but will watch from afar because of the awe it puts us in. A 38 minute video...but all we really care about is that VIOLENT ASS FUCKING FART at 21:52.

Author — RubberClits


One of these guys keeps telling the other to “calm down”, yet he’s shouting constantly and freaking out.

Author — Bubbles


The fart really makes you feel like you're there. Great video

Author — The Monochrome Memoirs


How in the hell did the two white cars get damn close to a “violent tornado” and not get swept away?!

Author — JayOnSwole


me five minutes ago: I hate living in Kansas, It's so boring


Author — Hawk


The people driving straight at the tornado at 13:17 are out of their freaking minds.

Author — dacypher22


People from Kansas: sees a tornado " oh my Lord beautiful!"

Author — Maddy Weasley


“Bed in ten minutes, I’ll watch a little of this”. 38 minutes later... maybe one more video

Author — Dcfolyffe


“Oh my is that a violent tornado”
“No mam that is one of them gentle ones”

Author — Julie Billo


"If I wasn't busy (watching the tornado) I'd take that guy to jail!"

Author — Schaferhund


Wow, that storm was the gift that kept on giving.

Author — wrinkleneckbass