The Historic 'December Derecho of 2021' As It Happened.

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LIVE In depth coverage of a significant #severe weather outbreak in the Midwest. A #moderate risk of #severe #weather has been issued.



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Your stream had 630k viewers over the whole thing. That’s over half a million - absolutely amazing!!! I can’t wait to see what this channel accomplishes and how many people you help!

Author — Noah Harley


The fact that we had thunder, lightning, wind and rain from a storm on December 15th is unprecedented where I live in Minnesota which is north of Lake Superior. I have never seen a thunderstorm past October in my entire life and I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain in December before maybe a mix or slushy rain. Possibly a cold rain event like you get in Seattle in early early December, but this was just completely unprecedented.

Author — Xaddre


I can tell you are super passionate about doing this so I’m glad you are able to. You are helping thousands of families stay safe and aware. So glad I came across your channel! Subscribed for sure

Author — Almost Gourmet


Thank you Ryan for your work. I’m a truck driver from Arizona who runs, weekly to and from Denver, CO. Your accurate forecast about the high winds that hit there enabled me to get out before the devastation and it saved, not only my business(truck and trailer) but also my life. Thanks again. I’ve shared your channel with a ton of other truckers and will continue to do so. We need reliable, accurate forecasts to avoid trouble out here. Thanks again.

Author — Paul MacFarland


I live in the Kansas City area . The weather was insane today !! It was 74 degrees and super humid. The wind was SO super strong, I could barely walk to my car after work, then once I got to my car, I could not open my car door because of the strength of the wind! It was insane! Driving home.. there was debris blowing all over the streets over the cars on the road🥴. The sky was pitch black except for lighting . At the stop lights my car was shaking SO hard, it felt as if my car was going to blow over! It was so scary. The schools in our district sent messages to the parents that the school buses were not going to be able to do their route home because of the high winds! Finally got home at 5;30 then lost power. The power just came back on At 11:30. I have lived in this area for 30 years & I can say this weather was the Weirdest thing that I have ever experienced, especially in mid December!

Author — Suzanne Brady


Ryan didn’t know that you were a Kentuckian my friend. Explains why you’re so nice and caring towards everyone. Thanks friend

Author — John Davis


Best storm coverage there is. Doing for the nation what James Spann does for Alabama, and we appreciate that!

Author — P RO


Personally shared your info in all the groups I’m in, you are by far a man with a gift. I appreciate your hard work and thank you. I know these last two weeks you saved lives and there is no words to say how thankful we are for your help

Author — bdearing11


I watched your stream on Friday when the tornadoes tore through Kentucky but never expected to be for severe weather up here in Wisconsin in the middle of DECEMBER. The brunt of the storm actually arrived while you took your break near the end. When the most severe part arrived it was raining so hard and the wind was so strong that it somehow squeezed water through a window seal in my house. The power was out for the night and there’s some knocked down trees, fences, and Christmas decorations. Lots of debris in the roads. If this were a summer storm the damage would be much more widespread as the leaves on the trees catch wind. This morning it’s still very gusty with some low clouds. It just feels like the earth is saying it’s not doing well. Thanks for doing what you do!

Author — Hobie 1


I'm in Texas and I wish I'd found you sooner! We get crazy weather here every spring and fall, winds and fires when it gets to dry, dust storms, and ice. We need you and you are WAY BETTER then our local guy who says TOOUUUSSSDAAAY and other annoying things and seems way to happy when saying things like "take cover". Lol I mean, it is Abilene and not DFW so less funds but damn. Anyway thank you.

Author — WildersHoney


Congratulations on 213K subscribers! It’s truly amazing how quickly this channel is growing, but you deserve it Ryan!

Author — Weather Watcher


Your awesome man keep up the great work your saving a lot of lives doing what your doing ❤️

Author — Joe


You are the most amazing meteorologist I've ever watched thank you for everything you do you truly save lives

Author — Micah


You are an outstanding meteorologist. You call these storms way in advance and are accurate. I recommended you to my family.

Author — James Harris


Thank you Ryan for the incredible reporting you are doing. May the Lord bless you and help others because of your efforts!

Author — Peggy Farrell


Whenever I hear there is gonna be any had weather coming I immediately see what Ryan has to sir are the truth and a great weatherman....can't believe news organizations aren't knocking down your door to try to offer you a job.... please don't take the job just be the ultimate YouTube weather guy...great work

Author — Dexter Morgan


I found Ryan before he hit 100k...his video popped on my feed. So happy for that. I live in East TN. Moved here 6 years ago. I've had my share of earthquakes in CA but the straight line winds are on a completely different level. 🤯🤯🤯

Author — TLP


Thank you for your wonderful coverage of the storms . I was really impressed with your coverage of the multi state tornadoes that I have told family members and they are now subscribed to your channel. Thank you from Iowa

Author — Sue Rosander


I missed the last hour and 23 minutes here in Matherville, Illinois in Mercer County due to power outage. Thanks for keeping me on my toes until then.

Author — Catherine Benner


I live about an hour away from KC and let me tell you this wind was insane . It almost pushed me and flew me away lol 😂 it smells like fire too and looks smoky as we speak . Stay safe out there and thank you 🙏

Author — Michelle Mendez