Greece vs Turkey Military Power & Economic Comparison 2020

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Greece vs Turkey Military Power & Economic Comparison

Greece vs Turkey who would win? 2020
In this video we will be comparing various military and economic aspects of Greece vs Turkey.

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Here is the list of the points for comparison used in this video;
Location,Capital, Population, Size of country, Defence Budget, Airports, Merchant Marine, Ports & Terminals, Labour Force, Roadway Coverage, Railway Coverage, Oil Production, Oil Consumption, Active personnel, Reserve personnel, Combat Tank, Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Self propelled artillery, Towed artillery, Rocket projectors, Total aircraft, Combat aircraft, Trainer aircraft, Transport aircraft, Special mission aircraft, Total helicopter, Attack helicopter, Total naval fleet strength, Aircraft carrier, Destroyers, Frigates, Corvette, Submarine, Patrol vessels, Mine warfare, Nuclear Weapons.

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Hello, Global Power. impressive video. thanks. :)

Author — Keaton & Chaplin & Films


We compare equpments (good, medium, very good quality)
Grekk navy :
2 kountonis frigate (i dont write other 6 koutonis because 2.hand use, hollandia navy send grekk navy
And this ships half figrate half anti submarine ship)
5 Rouzen class attack boats
4 german hydra (spetsai)
8 type 209
4 Papanikolis (type 214)(havent torpedo 😂😂)

TR navy :
4 barbaros class frigate
4 yavuz class frigate
4 modern gabya frigate
4 milgem corvets
9kılıç class attack boats
2yıldız class attack boats
12 type 209 submarine
6 reis class (type 214 but better than normal type 214) submarine
16 tuzla class anti submarine ship.

Grekk air force
44 mirage 2000
157 f16 block 52 and block 50
15 c130 transport
8 c27 transport
12 apache helicopter

Turkey air force
240 f16, 110 block 50(Turkey manufactoring and modernizing f16 world 5 country have this
19 c130
11 c160
50 Cn 235
8 a400m
7 Kc 135 tanker plane
57 t129 attack
100 tai anka
100 baykar tb2
Unkown tai aksungur
Unkown bayraktar akıncı

Land force grecee:
170 leopard 2a6 hel
183 leopard 2a4
491 leonidas
595 humwee
104 m100a2
25 pzh2000
12 m109a5
84 m109a2
50 m109a3gea1
223 m109a3gea2

Turkish land
330 leopard 2a4 ng
932 m60TM (Turkish modernization)
170 leopard 1T(Turkish modernization)
2000 acv 15
1300 cobra
400 cobra 2
300 ejder yalçın
+2000 kirpi
300 fırtına self
362 m52 T
164 m44T
219 m110a2
İ dont write bad weaphones f4 jet, m110apc others, because first fall this guns.
1.Türkey have balistic missiles and shout grecee critical bases
(Plane tank base and island, grekss havent ballistic missiles)
2.Turkey have electronik warfare guns and area in in konya if Tr shout pantsirs use koral.
3.Turkey manufactoring guns.uavs, f16, f16 f35 parts, tanks equpment, ammo others.
İf end ammo in war gr lose.
4.Turkish army soliders training in libya and syria.Grekss soliders do barbecu in island .
5.Turkey bigger than economy and popullation.
10 million grekk vs 80 million Turk
6.Grecee buy modernizing other countries Turkey help others country
Grekks want f16 block 70 and wait 2 years . Modernizing very slow because buy usa.)
Or turkey help singapore st kitetic terrex .

1.Greeks scared Turks if dont attack wars, imia cyprus and others.
2.grekks write grecee in this video but Turkish balistic missiles distiance in grecee 😂
İf win 🇹🇷

Author — Jar Ekz


I think their is no comparison between Turkey & Greece. Turkey is far better than Greece in almost everything.

Author — Black Jets of Khorasan