FULL Graham Norton Show 3/1/2020 Graham Norton's Good Show Business Guide (January 3, 2020)

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Sometimes the best thing in a talk show is not the talk, it's the business in between. In Graham Norton's Good Show Business Guide, Graham goes behind the scenes of his award-winning show to introduce the best show business moments with the help of some of his favourite guests. Like Tom Cruise directing a dangerous action sequence with members of the audience, Margot Robbie demonstrating her tattooing skills, Chris Pratt showing off his magic tricks, Morgan Freeman reprising his most famous role to mock Graham, Taylor Swift facing the massed ranks of her Twitter fans, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson delivering his well-known catchphrase in style, Anthony Joshua challenging Greg Davies to a rematch, and Olivia Colman showcasing her majestic voice. Using classic clips from The Graham Norton Show, Graham also hears from some of his favourite guests, including Stanley Tucci, Stephen Merchant, Sandi Toksvig, Richard Ayoade and Alan Davies, who share their thoughts on how they introduce and deal with business while chatting on the most prestigious sofa in television.

FULL Graham Norton Show 3/1/2020 | The Graham Norton Show Season 26 Good Business Guide | The Graham Norton Show S26 Good Show Business Guide.

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Not a single talk show host in the world can top Graham Norton. The best in the world!!!!😀🇨🇦

Author — Lovely Skull


“I’ve actually been inside Chris O’ Dowd mouth and I came out in worse condition than that fly”

Ayoade is just hilarious

Author — DubbingBubble _ITA


The only talkshow I always watch, no matter the guests, because it always delivers and is so great! 🇸🇪

Author — Kim Hellqvist


the title should be "Why the Graham Norton show is the best talk show in the world"

Author — it's not worth it


You must have to watch the Extended version of this clip to see the Miriam Margolyes material because there is no way that she isn't in it. Just no way. Just no. Seriously though- thanks for the upload.

Author — WonderWhatHappened


Graham's lightning fast wit is what makes the show. What a talent!

Author — Jo Nyu


Norton is an extremely talented host with natural wit yet sincerity.

Author — pakman54321


He is just brilliant! Whatever he says is spot on and histerical. I don't think he ever went over line. And the stuff he makes his guests do ...? And they still enjoy it and come back for more. Never seen a better chat show. Good job.

Author — Lucie Procházková


That Morgan Freeman bit is still one of my favourites😂

Author — suzawilo


Props to Ayoade for pumping some extra comedy into the interview:
11:35 "Chastain is a classic goader."
41:57 "...That fly is a colleague."

Author — AnkokuEvangeline


"That fly is a colleague."


Author — MamaBanana


Omg Sd that was phenomenal. Thank you so much. Iconic moment for me was Stanley Tucci saying the best thing about going on Graham's show is one doesn't have to worry, you know you're in safe hands. We think celebs lead such a charmed life (and mostly they do), but talk show hosts, and interviews in general, must be the bain of their lives.

Author — Penelope Collett


Graham Norton is the only talk show I watch. The rest are garbage.

Author — Marlowe Beckley


Norton's reading social media posts is the unicorn dust we all need right now.

Author — josoverthehill


Rebel Wilson has no fear. She is always awesome.

Author — Darkness


Graham heals grief, Dudes. He's a magical elf. Big hugs.

Author — Eve B


Jamie Dornan's story about learning to walk kills me every time

Author — Philip Butler


"Is it still raining?" SPLASH!!!

Author — t0nito


OMG! I have not laughed like that in a long time! My cheeks are hurting. :D

Author — Meikle _mixed_art!


The way Graham giggled dancing with Channing was the best.

Author — Cynthia Edwards