Eating Some Unusual TURKISH FOODS Exploring CANAKKALE

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You know we love trying new foods and we had a fabulous day discovering the Turkish city of Canakkale and eating lots of interesting local foods.

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Travel vlog 357 | Filmed Nov 2020 | Turkey | Country 30/197

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We’re Marianne and Chris, a married couple from the UK. After some life changing events we decided that life was just too short. We sold all our belongings, bought an old Campervan & rented our house to travel full time. The aim is to attempt to visit every country in the world in either our van or with a backpack. We started videoing our travels for our family and then decided it was a wonderful way to document and share our adventures.

Our latest adventure started in January 2020 when we left the UK in an attempt to drive our van all the way around the world. Let the adventures continue.

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Sending you all virtual hugs - Chris & Marianne xx

Author — TREAD the globe


3 Hours breakfast? Congrats, you are officially Turkish now!

Author — Arif Soylu


Walnuts are threaded onto string & then dipped into grape molasses .. building up the layers.
It’s called Ceviz (Jeviz) sucuk
Walnut sucuk.
Pestil is pulverised fruit which is spread flat and dried - a good way of preserving fruit out of season.

Author — Aysa Acar


Saat kulesi kardeş Azerbaycan'ın renklerindedir.🇦🇿🇹🇷

Author — Tayfun Serttas


I hope your next stop will be Cunda Island / Ayvalık

Author — oguzsasi


turkey would be my cheese heaven! when we went there 5 years ago it was about 7tl to a pound, was great value, carnt believe it is 10 now .we found that the best rate was with the green and white ata machine, name escapes me. im a ceramic tiler and most of the tiles sold in the uk are made in turkey, where as years ago they were all italian and spanish.

Author — Chris Schmid


Türkish kitchen is Number 1 in the world..

Author — dudu sisi


What a lovely video! My husband and I were just there 3 months ago, I love revisiting my favorite places watching you vlogs. Well done Chris, I also love peynir helvası :) Take care guys. Looking forward to your next video.

Author — Eva Kara


Thanks a lot new video, so beautiful place....nice food. 😋 Yes I did it, round of Turkey by bus, it works perfectly, wery safety and always very helpful people and not so expensive 😃. Marianne and Chris take care.

Author — kirsi matikainen


We just flew back to Turkey!! Maybe we will get to cross paths with you! Love filming days =AMAZING Same for us vlog days are fun and yummy days!

Author — DjusLife


Hi Goodies. I was born in İzmir. My parents are from Adana and during my all 18 years ELT service I visited almost all cities and towns of Turkey to discover the culture, history, geography etc. but especially for the taste. Where you have visited so far I have been there and tasted all your tries, shares, treats. While I watch your experience I remember all taste in my mouth and you are just beginning of the taste journey. Aegean and South East parts of Turkey are another haven of yumminess. Now I am living in Brighton, UK and it is great happiness to have you. Thanks.

Author — Philip George Morgan


Wonderfull Pair, wonderfull Smile Wonderfull Charisma, , please don't drive to another Countrys. Stay please in Turkey. We love u so much

Author — HolzsTube


Thanks for the night time walk. Trying to persuade my wife to take me Turkey next year. Fingers crossed.

Author — Tracy Whitehouse


I think you didn't like pestil as you thought there was an animal product in it like gelatin etc but nope, pestil is just dried grape molasses but it doesn't have to be grapes rather plum, apricot, apple etc many fruit can be used. And how chewy it is depends on thickness of final product and which friut is used, also sadly some shops might be adding flour to make it dry faster. I personally love thin layer plum pestil that they are slightly sour, sweet and still chewy a little but no where near grape ones :))

Author — Ggoddkkiller


these are pestil and köme. actually same thing but in different shapes. made of first boiled and then dried mullberry or grape -maybe with a little bit of nut or walnut-. it's a specific dessert for Gümüşhane.

Author — Bess Wagier


You guys just make me smile; the joy of life just oozing from you. You also travel on my behalf since it is no longer possible for me. Thank you.

Author — Hana Spacek


Turkey surrounded on all sides by the sea and very beautiful country

Author — dudu sisi


So much fun watching you two out for a wander! Watching your videos in Turkey, I've gone from knowing very little of the country, to being interested in it, to feeling a genuine pull on my heart to experience the wonderful, amazing landscapes, cuisines, and hospitable people for myself. Such a fascinating place.

Congratulations on another big YouTube milestone! Looking forward to another live chat; you two make them so much fun. ❤😎👍🦅👀

Author — Aaron P


Another great vlog! But you wouldn't think there was a pandemic going on compared to the Turkey lockdown earlier in the year!! It also looks like you are famous in Turkey!

Author — Stuart Rich


I really like that you speak English in a way that even I who used to grow up with and learned American English am able to understand you very clear. Unfortunately lots of other British YouTubers do not seem to care. I also appreciate your habbit to learn at least some basic terms of the language in the country you are in.

Author — Gerd Papenburg