RUSSIA'S ALCATRAZ - The toughest prison on Fire Island | Full Documentary

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Behind bars in Russia is no fun - in our Documentary about Russia's toughest prison we show why! Terrorists, gunmen and mafia bosses are serving their life sentences in the Russian penal camp "Vologodski Pjatak". The fortress on the island of Ognenny was built as a monastery in the 16th century. Later the "Fire Island" was converted into a gulag for enemies of the state after the October Revolution of 1917. Since 1994 it is a maximum security prison for serious criminals. Christoph Wanner is the first western TV reporter to manage to shoot behind the prison walls on the island of the damned.

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In America: You do the time.

In Russia: Time does you.

Author — Jes Black


Imagine being a mafia boss in putins country

Author — VartanFresh


If only American prisons were like this, Jamie osuna and the father that killed Gabriel Fernandez should be treated like this

Author — Iron Man


"Tiny, inhuman cages..." Yeah, for people who commit inhuman acts. Don't look for any tears from me.

Author — Thomas Daily


I'm just glad the guy told me "the island is surrounded by water". I had no idea. Now I can sleep tonight.

Author — The Ronin


Inhumane conditions... For inhumane criminals... I guess that's fair.

Author — crollens


Listen if you're considered dangerous in Russia that must be saying something.



The prisoner wants firing squad. That's proper Russian.

Author — Pivot Tech


Narrator - In Russia, life in prison means “until the day you die”

The rest of us - Yeah makes sense!

Author — wisdompromotions


I love how they give them hope of maybe getting out on parole after 25 years, while no one has ever gotten out on parole.

Author — Marly M


"The island is surrounded by water"

Author — Sean Price


How clean and neat all the medical rooms and bathrooms are. Not a broken tile or spot of rust or graffiti in sight.

Author — jskd2953


After watching shit like this I always have to go get some food and a beer and sit in my back yard and appreciate my freedom.

Author — Bignut Johnson


This prison is so well enforced that it makes Alcatraz look like an island paradise
I know it’s closed now

Author — :t FamIlY • 109 years and


Russians know how to run prisons. Notice how much respect the prisoners have for the guards? You just know them guards don’t take any shit.

Author — Mr Pickles


It’s all “inhumane” until you find out what they are in for.

Author — 1A Garage Doors


The guards look exactly like the ones from Goldeneye 64 007 😄

Author — DanyBizzyD


They get cigarettes, tv, privacy, windows. Doesn’t seem so bad

Author — tri gon


The prisoners are clearly shit scared of the guards

Author — Cassius Carr


Igor: "Come with me."
Proceeds to keep shutting gates on the cameraman*
Cameraman Teleports*
Igor: "Blyat still following."

Author — Axphyxia / 窒息