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Taliban began their mission to change Afghanistan as they replaced the US Embassy wall flag with the Taliban flag and changed Hamid Karzai International Airport's name with Kabul International airport.

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I’m lead to believe that bearing false witness, ie lying is a sin. Would this not mean that Taliban leaders who have said they will be all sunshine & smiles, have lied before Allah thus making themselves the ones who should be beaten and killed.

Author — bdowton


do we really need experts to tell us that Jihadis won't be different 😑

Author — The Unemployed Dude


Of course, if the Taliban had liberalized there would be no point in taking over from the former government. They came back to opress.

Author — gothen mosph


It is interesting that a conservative Muslim country like Iran is calling the Afghanistan Taliban government too conservative for them.

Author — Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment


It reminds me of the situation after french revolution big question is that can they make a stable govt with constitution

Author — Anshaj Shukla


People will learn the hard way to Stone Age.

Author — Andy Kris


Optimistic heading on the non-optimistic STATE

Author — Praveen Krishnappa


Corrupted media keep inform isis, alqaeda (wahabism) rudely their pets wild.All shouted Zakir naik name correcting theology and revert more people to Islam.

Author — azam nasrom


This rule by the taliban, NOT by a free and democratic vote. So again a tyrany for the Afghanistan people.

Author — Colin Smith


She is narrating the news while telling each news, even she is surprising herself..

Author — Hari Krishnan


IF they really want to change something .. then they must change their religion

Author — Alien on my own Planet


These dudes are deadly even without US uniforms they have been implanted in their heads since birth to die for their will

Author — NATHAN L


This will be result when u eat and flush the same(holy books)

Author — Vinod


Don't crying more Ambani media, they are not accept corporate looting their Afghan.

Author — Nias 2019


you were showing streets in this video but i saw no women protesting on streets

Author — VaNi TahIr


The most funny thing is that Holly Allah warriors need international humanitarian aid to survive.

Author — A A


Girl, stop now! Why can’t we give them time.

Author — Shams Ali


You do realize that they are leaving once empty well ..

Author — Justice Warrior


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing. --John Stuart Mill

Author — Chandra Reddy


The west failed in changing afghanistan

Author — Go Straight