Israel vs Saudi Arabia: Who'd win in a war?

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Binkov looks into military forces of both countries. Analyzes their strengths and weaknesses and gives a possible outcome of a war. How much of an obstacle would Jordan be? What about Yemen? Who'd control the skies and who'd reign supreme on the ground? Watch the video to find out!

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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In a war between israel and saudi arabia, the USA would be the winner! Since they supply both countries with weapons

Author — Tanako


Saudi Arabia vs Israel
America: confused screaming

Author — California Kaiserreich


History teaches us that Israel doesn't care about odds in war

Author — Dr Kirb Kenneth kirby


Saudi Arabia is smart to make peace with Israel however if a war did erupt Israel would win.

Author — Dennis


You literally started a holy war in the comments...

Author — NBTTA Nowbacktotheaction


Israel win because it has Military Capability to mass produce their own Military Might.

Author — أحمد مصطفى


فنشربها وتتركنا ملوكاً
واسداً لا ينهنهنا اللقاء⚔️🇸🇦🔥

Author — spnsr ferid


Isreal be like :- NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS

Author — Prateek Sharma


From your brother from Algeria

Author — l'Arabe


A fight between Saudis and Israelis is absolutely impossible

Author — Kevin Steinor


Dunno man I'm Italian I support "insert name of winner" I always did

Author — Caught In 4 K


Come on man, just throw at them rocks and they will cry for help .

Author — a7mad5 huss5


This comment section sure is entertaining.

Author — 2HotFlavored


They dont fight, since both are childrens of USA.
It all depends on who USA want to save its national interest with.

Author — MD Erfannullah pasha


“IDF would struggle with desert terrain, jordan would pose a challenge, ect” Battle for Sinai: “Am I a joke to you?”

Author — VMI Neptune


I’m sure the comment section will be a bastion of progressive secular discussions :)

Author — Daniel Cuevas


Israel would win, they have already overcome odds many times with there coordinations and tactics.

Author — Lin Lenny


This is the geopolitical equivalent of bashing two action figures together: very fun, but we'll never get to see GI Joe fighting Darth Vader.

Author — Lee-Yam Katav


They're both not gonna fight, they're allies.

Author — A.Hassan Hale


All these 'who will win in a war videos', just remember whichever side's top suits end up 'winning' its us little people on the ground who are gonna pay for their games

Author — Drebolaskan