Chris Kamara's Most UNBELIEVABLE Moments!

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Soccer Saturday's Chris Kamara is leaving Sky Sports at the end of the season after 24 years πŸ’”
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An absolute legend and came across a total gentleman as well. Will be a massive loss to sky sports. The characterless robots they currently employ will never get anywhere near Kammy.

Author β€” Callum Crawford


Unbelievable Jeff! We will all miss Kammy, what an absolute legend and a super funny guy, always brightens up my Saturday. Kammy we love you ❀️

Author β€” John Creamer


Chris Kamara is a national treasure. Forever legend.

Author β€” Trygve Yatta Heivang


'I don't know Jeff'.

This legend will be missed

Author β€” Thomas McInerney


"I don't Know Jeff" will be the legendary and funniest quote i'll never forget. Good luck for the Future Chris Kamara

Author β€” Oshoke Foy


This guy is an absolute legend!! So sad to see him go

Author β€” Jo Parsons


Kammy will always be a legend. 'Unbelievable Jeff' will live in our memories.

Yourself along with the original lineup of Matt Le-tissier, Paul Merson, Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas will be part of the golden period of soccer saturday.

Thank you for the memories!

Author β€” Murs Gaming


Jeff, Kammy, Merse, Phil, Charlie, Le Tiss was the best lineup Sky have ever put out. All nearly gone end of an era!

Author β€” Enter Name


Many many years ago i served Kammy whilst working in a pub. Kammy had recently been sacked by Bradford City.

He happily talked to me for about 10-15 minutes and predicted to a tee everything that would happen to the Bantmas over the next couple of years good and bad.

He came across as a complete gentleman, very knowledgeable, totally humble and philosophical about his personal experiences and as having one of the biggest hearts and love for the game of anyone i’ve ever come across in life ever.

Author β€” Bob Bishop


Genuine as hell. No bull, just passion. That's what was great. Enjoy your retirement. All the best Chris

Author β€” SKAR


I'm going to miss this guy and his infamously calamitous reporting so much 😒

He is hilarious and so unpretentious, plus a great advertisement for Colgate 🀣 What a legend!

Author β€” Adam Knight


Served with his brother George in the Army, George was a great guy and a good boxer. Chris started off in the Royal Navy. I think they had some hard times growing up in Middlesbrough. I get the feeling they both never forgot their roots and kept their sense of fun and humility plus they could take care and handle themselves when required. Respect.

Author β€” Mike Man58


This is an absolute peak of Sky sports, there will never be another Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara

Author β€” Luncoln TV


The missed red card episode always, always makes me laugh. The perplexed look on Kammy’s face and his colleagues in the studio collapsing into laughter πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Author β€” Ben Nevis


Definitely going to be sorely missed, definitely legendary

Author β€” marlymarz


Perhaps one of the most genuine guys in football media. Amazing man and so honoured to have met him before. Guys a legend for life. Love you Kammy

Author β€” Arian Kronos


Irreplaceable. What a man. What a character. Good luck in future ventures.

Author β€” Gibraltariano


Legend of a reporter, never took himself too seriously and did it his way! Will be sorely missed!

Author β€” Robert Randall


Chris Kamara, what an UNBELIEVABLE Legend 😁

Author β€” A A


Chris Kamara and Jeff Sterling absolute legends.

Author β€” Bossman525