Why Saudi Arabia Is Building a Linear City

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Neo on social media:

In January of this year, Saudi Arabia announced an immense new development project, that is supposed to set a blueprint for the future of the country and the world. The country will build a city, that stretches along a single 100 mile long line

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wow I hadnt heard of this. thanks for the excellent video.

Author — Johnny Harris


"Hey, I just moved here, can you show me around?"
"A...round? You really are new here aren't ya?"

Author — Kurt


My Cities Skyline city has finally become a reality.

Author — Quite literally a disgusting creature


"mom, im going to a friend house"
"okay, where is it?"
"its only 50km down the road"
"alright be back before dinner"

Author — Reiiz


As a sim city expert I can guarantee there will be a traffic and fire problem.

Author — Mahavir Bhakta


The city will be like the Snowpiercer. The wealthiest will occupy the spaces closest to the ocean, while the neighborhoods get poorer as you move inland.

Author — Book Steer


Very difficult for Fast and furious team to escape cops, JUST one hell straight road..😂

Author — abhishek mohan


You'll hear a lot of "make a u-turn" from your gps.

Author — Misu Satriyo


This gives "downtown" a whole new meaning

Author — docacuwatson


Urban planner draws one straight line
Urban planner: you like?
Crown Prince: I like

Author — Wabbit Season


Delivery in 2 days
"I can already see the Amazon delivery Van"

Author — tr anslator


"Have you heard of the new restaurant? Do you want to eat there sometime?"
"Yea sure! Where is it anyways?"
"It's on the other side of the City"

Author — marvel goh


Welcome to the city where no one ever gets lost. No directions needed just tell them when to stop.

Author — Kaito Spin


if you ever get lost in city, just remember
y = mx + c

Author — khashraf123


Can't imagine being the pizza guy in this city.

Author — Too much content


That city Neom, is going to be built right over the mountain of Jabal al-Lawz.

Author — Blue Faery


I can so see the west, closer to the water, being a paradise for wealthy people. And, the further east you go, the less affluent it becomes "cornering" the lower middle class along with hazardous and "ugly" industries. See how the palaces are/will be located on prime real estate!

Author — Rufin H Ali


This kind of videos makes me realize how massive our world is and that there's so many cultures and places to know. Thanks for this amazing report! Shoutout from a brazilian who doesn't know Brasília 😂

Author — Guto Bernardo


Imagine needing to meet ur friend who lives all the way at the end of it

Author — Jicon Recker


“Man, I thought you said you lived right down the road”

Author — TheC130navigator