The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano - Episode #1

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The Best Business Show is a daily show from 11AM-1PM EST brought to you by Anthony Pompliano. Pomp will be discussing a wide range of topics from Bitcoin, Finance, Cryptocurrencies & everything in between. Today's topics will include:

EuroCup 2020
Virgin Galactic Space Flight
Bitcoin & Much More!

Today's guest is @Peter Schiff

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Peter was a great sport for coming on. Very cool guy. Able to disagree politely and positively. Good form.

Author — Andrew Bierer


Peter and pomp should start a podcast lol that interaction was actually awesome

Author — Sean Creamer


Incredible that this kind of content is relatively free.

Author — Markus Sadaka


This was a great interview. I was not a fan of Peter Schiff but after seeing this I can see he is just a man passionate about his vocation and quiet funny guy with the over and back with Pomp. Gold Versus Digital Gold...who will win?

Author — Patrick Mannering


You might not have a hundred million dollars to invest, but that doesn’t mean your money can’t share in the same opportunities available to others. You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you.

Author — Cooltura Financiera


This was funny as hell. Pomp’s shit-eating grin every time he asked Peter a question, was hilarious.

Author — J. Avv


I disagree with PSs view on Bitcoin, but I do agree with many of his ideas. Good show, Pomp.

Author — Keystone Stacker


Correction : Bitcoin takes an elevator up - takes the stairs down Peter. Part of its life changing value proposition

Author — D K


Facts: The Schiff hater's were never even into sound money before they went down the rabbit hole.

Gotta respect Peter for going against the fiat system before BTC was even invented!

Author — FOMO Finance


Thanks Pomp for having Peter on yesterday I love hearing him talk

Author — MiamiMichelleable


Love how you interviewed Peter again Pomp. I have a ton of respect for you for getting him on your show and being civil towards him!

Author — Naha Ktam


Loving this show, energy, enthusiasm- the real deal. Thanks for putting this out there. Halfway through mind you…

Author — The NZ Everyday Investor


Great interview with Peter, thank you. At times Peters monologues in Podcasts can be negative, but being engaged like this brings out some of his best.

Author — Rob Davies


How is it that Pomp kept raising his voice continuously throughout the whole video lol

Author — Janiix89


I admire the effort you put in your video mate, digital currency continue to reshape the world globally it's hard for anyone going against them this day

Author — Justice Erick


Damn Pomp had a hard time of shutting peter up at the end to close out the show lol

Author — Cam T


Great show! Glad to be here on Day 1 and look forward to more fun and insightful episodes.

Congrats Pomp!

Author — Baxter Hines


I love the chemistry, finally somebody who dares to go after Peter :D
Make this happen again.

Author — Tommy Koed


Drop the mic pomp... Schiff can't learn anything cause he already knows it all... That was boss when you brought the switch gold to Bitcoin analogy... He didn't help when he said he use to have more followers than you! He kicks his own ass!

Author — Dustin Hensley


Doing gods work. Thank you for existing pomp. Excited to see this show take off like crazy and you become the next mr wonderful. It’s inevitable

Author — Netherblood