Could Iran save Syria from Turkish military? (If Turkey attacks in 2020)

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Here's a hypothetical battle video, using a somewhat fantastical premise of superpowers such as US and Russia ignoring the Middle East events and letting the smaller countries go to war. Imagine Turkey going into Syria, bent on conquering it. Would Syria be able to defend itself? And would Iran be able to help it militarily? Actual military potential of each of the three warring sides is explored during the course of the video.

Image elements used in the thumbnail: HESA Saeqeh of IRIAF, Iranian fighter jet

Iranian AF F-14 Tomcat landing at Mehrabad

Turkish Air Force Boeing 737-700 (modified)

East German T-72 at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum, Dresden in August 2015Photo by NewCarloso / Public domain

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Believe it or not... Turkish - Iranian border didn't change since 1639.

Author — Deep Blue


Israel watching the conflict like "DAMN that's wild good luck tho"

Author — Elias Papadimas


Greetings to IRAN from Türkiye.We Türk s are, never get in War with our Irannian Neighbors.

Author — Tektakon


Iran and Turkey, though being rival neighbours, sustain a long lasting peace for 400 years. Such a war is highly improbable.

Author — Kivanch K Official


Iran and Turkey will never have war with each other.

Author — Leila Nouhi


Turkey and Iran has no war option. they must keep their peace forever. We all humankind in livin on earth must have peace.

Author — nerium oleander


Love to Syria and turkey from Iran❤
There will be no war

Author — حمید حمید


You forgot to consider drones man. They are the real thing in future wars.

Author — Bluebirdiran


Oghhhh, I don't know what this Iran VS Turkey is about! I'm from Iran and I love Turkey. Nothing but Love from us the Iranian to Turks.

Author — Annj sm


Turkey would like to have good relations with its neighbor Iran. If the governments would allow it ofc.

Author — murat sertel


There will be no war between Iran and Turkey. These countries are brother

Author — حسین وحدتی آرام


Ä°t will never happens...!
Iran and Turkey are two brothers..✅🔥🇦🇿🇹🇷🌹

Author — Xagan Baycan


Turkey and Iran would only fight in proxy wars like in Syria.

Author — Merke Tarif


2020 be like: Write that down! Write that down!!

Author — Lil Pold


ASEAN (Indonesia + Vietnam + Thailand + Malaysia + Myanmar + Philippines + Singapore + Cambodia + Laos + Brunei) VS China at South China Sea 🙏👍

Author — Gamers 1st


Peace and dialogue are only the solution .

Author — Mohammad Rahman


We will never fight Turkey. Only the US and Israel will be happy if Iran and Turkey fight 🇮🇷❤️ 🇹🇷

Author — Seyed Mohammad


Syria the early access pre alpha built of world war 3, where everyone test their new weapons.

Author — wizzzer1337


you may be missing one point, ITS MIDDLE EASTTTT. When a war starts you never estimate how it ends. It can consume super powers, it can make under dogs supreme.

Author — Kimeryalı Porsuk


Europeans believe what they see in the media. I was very angry with my own people, but when I saw the Europeans, I said it was worse than us. YPG-PKK killed thousands of soldiers in Turkey for many years-teacher, the European media is promoting them as freedom fighters.

Author — Hayat Senaristi