The most incredible inventions of antiquity | Technologies ahead of their time

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You are on the PRO Robotics channel, and today we decided to look at when the first attempts at robotics and robotics began, and we will see the most incredible inventions of antiquity. Watch the video until the end and write in the comments, did you guess that in ancient times such inventions already existed?

0:00 In this video
0:25 The first analog computer
1:07 Mechanical servant
1:37 First flying car
2:03 Automatic doors to the temple
2:37 First vending machine
2:50 First theater set
3:05 First movie theater
3:26 The Lycurgus Chalice
4:00 Seismoscope
4:40 Baghdad Battery
5:12 Hydraulic Clock
5:56 Mechanical Musicians
6:18 Bionic Prosthetics
6:50 Unusual Animatron
7:14 Leonardo da Vinci robot

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The ancient battery in a jar was most likely used for electroplating. gold planting.

Author — Jeff McCartney


I'm so happy that you talk about ancient technologies because you have never done that before.

Author — MrRunen1


"in the early 200's" don't you mean early 2000's lets spend some time proofing this content.

Author — Benny Mack


the invitation of the wheel how it all started what do you think?

Author — david webb


glad to see there are people who have figured out the ancients werent technology stupid.

Author — Patty Knight


On the Antikythera Mechanism, could the Inventor been Archimedes? He did invent the first Odometer used by the Romans to mark their roads, also had the Mathematical background included Pi to figure out time and distance...

Author — Steve-o


Maybe you should make clear in the channel description that the voice-over narrator is a very realistic voice robot that may mispronounce some words or phrases and says whatever the text says even if incorrect. For example, it says, "in the 200s" when it clearly means, "in the 2000s." A missing zero in the script just gets incorrectly read although it made no contextual sense.

Author — phyzygy


This guy seems copy and pasted from the internet.

Author — 3D PrintingFun


Imagine how far we would be in technology if the Christian and others didnt destroy knowledge

Author — GodNoxus


Tired of the mispronunciations of even simple words. Bye.

Author — D Terpstra


Somebody: antikythera
Americans: It's called the ANTIQUITTER MECHANISM

Author — RABID RED