5 Ways I've Improved My Finances

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Thanks for watching! What are the best ways you've organized and/or improved your finances?

Author — Allison Anderson


I love these tips- but did want to offer my perspective. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, or making minimum wage (in cities with high costs of living)- and pulling money out truly is not feasible when all things are considered. I worked in retail management for years, and it was always tough to hear about investing/stock market when it felt like that system was not set up to benefit people like me (meaning, within the work industry that I was in). It took me a LONG time (and a job switch out of retail) to get to a spot where I could even start seeing savings. I just wonder why creating wealth as a construct (and as it relates to investment) is so complicated and something that some can do successfully while it is fully not even an option for others. This is a lot to unpack when it comes to the history of investment & access to wealth possibilities- I would love to to see some videos about those topics. I think you are a wonderful journalist/ creator, and would be very interested in your insight into this perspective. Thank you!

Author — Jennifer Horwitz


Hey there! Could you make a separate video on compound interest? 💖

Author — Savannah


0:35 create multiple savings accounts for each financial goal
1:36 make a savings plan to distribute income across goals
3:42 using credit responsibly and building credit history
6:03 saving and investing with compound interest
7:55 build an emergency fund

Author — Amy


I LOVE how frequently youre posting! And how helpful the info is!! I love that tip of multiple accounts and dividing by a percentage. Hadn’t thought of it that way before. I have a really lofty savings goal for 2020 and have a thermometer drawn out in my bullet journal. And I color it in each month that I move the money over. Helps me stay motivated and keeps me from spending unnecessarily!

Author — Tiffany Tsai


Omg 12000 medical bill is insane I feel so lucky to live in a country with universal health care

Author — sammie lynn


credit scores are SO SO important and I wish this was emphasized in school! I had to learn from my parents as well as various youtube videos

Author — Sam Elle


I improved by finances through resisting the urge to constantly buy things by saying it’s only a few bucks and won’t matter!! Over time it adds up

Author — Admir Barucija


As a 17 year-old I found this so informative and useful. Please, keep making videos about your experience with Finances etc!!! I wish this was taught in school.

Author — Carla Z.R


I’m liking these daily uploads to watch w my morning coffee :)

Author — Marta


The best thing to keep myself on track has been using one credit card for all purchases and paying it off at the end of every week. That way I get great credit card rewards, keep a close eye on my spending and don't get hit with the panic at the end of the month

Author — Alexandra Leigh


Please please please make a video on compound interest and exactly what to do to get started. Like where to go or who to call. When you mentioned it in your last video i was trying to find how to start but all the videos I've seen are so vague. I'll be 25 next week and I want to start NOW.

Author — Juliya Kay


I’ve heard you talking about compound interest a couple times over your recent videos. I have no clue how to even start on that. Do you have a recommendation of what resources I can refer to in order to learn about it or where to invest? Do you just do that with your bank account or are there specifically financial institutions that work with that? Appreciate any input on it!!

Author — Jess Bishop


I love your finance-related videos! You do a great job of making saving/financial literacy accessible :)

Author — Emma Borgia


I wished I would of watched videos like this back when I started my first job in 2000 at age 17, I got to a point where I was financially suffering from a shopping addiction, I went through bankruptcy because of credit card debt I had about 15 credit lines when I was 28. I realized I was in a huge debt when my friend said "Where's your diamond earrings, where's your brand new car? A year after the bankruptcy, I was qualified for my first credit card I continued to open credit cards, I'm approx at 15, but have paid off like 3. I am almost done paying off my car in August, but I'll be paying off the credit cards with the money amount I was paying for the car. I can't save at the moment but thank you for the tips great video. I'll be saving the video for later reference.

Author — AC 2CUTE4U


Love the credit union sponsor! They are the best. 

Unrelated, but how did you do that effect with 5^6 & 5^7 staying "attached" to your hands? It was so satisfying to watch lol and made me curious about your editing tips!

Author — Olivia Hamilton


I found my local bank offers shorter term (7 months) certificates of deposit. And don’t forget about a Health Savings Account if an employer offers one or starting one on your own.

Author — J. E.


So what is recommended that you actually keep in your checking account or how should you divide your income so that you put enough into your checking account but not too much—money that could’ve been growing in savings or investments elsewhere?

Author — RachelHeartsBenefit


Where are your long sleeve tops from? I'm feeling an itch to simplify my wardrobe but could use some tips for a 30 something who works a 9-5 office job. Would love to see an updated wardrobe video!

Author — Melinda Leander


I'm a pretty new subscriber but I am LOVING your content!! Especially the last few videos you've made! Love it all!!

Author — Emily Martin