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on June 13th, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid managed to form a government, but how did we get here? Politics are complicated, especially Israeli politics.
Why do Israelis keep having elections? What parties make up the Knesset — Israel’s parliament? A party needs at least 61 seats to form a government, but no single party has ever come close to winning that many seats, which means that parties have had to team up with one another to form a “Coalition Government.” Currently, getting those 61 seats has proved more of a challenge than ever, causing Israelis to go to the polls four times in three years. Will the Lapid-Bennett government last?

This video will help you make heads and tails of what you read in the news - the issues at hand, the various politicians, what “right” and “left” even means anymore, and how one man — Benjamin Netanyahu — managed to eclipse even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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About Unpacked: People are complex and complicated — yet we’re constantly being pushed to oversimplify our world. At Unpacked we know that being complex makes us more interesting. Because of this, we break the world down with nuance and insight to drive your curiosity and challenge your thinking.

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As an Israeli, I think this is pretty accurate. I liked that it was not opinionated. Good job!

Author — jonathan lavy


As an Israeli, I was pretty surprised how accurate this video analyzed the political situation.
kudos :)

Author — Achia Cohn


„Noone should be that long primeminister“ Merkel and Putin dislike that.

Author — E. Honda


As israeli this is the most accurate video about israeli situation iv ever seen from media that not from Israel.
Keep up the good work with true facts.

Author — The Mist


Israel: The country where Game of Thrones still lives on

Author — Lee


Very well explained, Confusing at times, so many parties just like India

Author — Dr. Raveendra Kodur


I was skeptic that a 10 minute video could sum up israeli politics, but I must admit this is a really accurate representation. Well done.

Author — koby cohen


‘Things were much easier. When Israel had just twelve tribes’. I guess that must be true from a biblical standpoint 😂😂

Author — Pardies Stanikzay


I kinda love how everyone gets representation but it also creates a lot of deadlock because it's so hard to form a governing coalition.

Author — Jesse Thau


Israeli here-
This video seems to be pretty accurate, good work! :)

Author — Daniel Vaksin


As an Israeli I can say it's really good job. Pretty accurate

Author — Ray


Thanks from Israel for making this, I'm not used to see forgien media talk about our election system and desicion-making with this amount of precision.

Author — איתמר זהבי


Damn that is surprisingly accurate. Well done!

Author — I'm adoor


It’s sort of Game Of Thrones the real life version

Author — blackpinguin3


Wow, you cleared so much info for me, and I'm Israeli, thanks!

Author — P O E T I C


Well done on the research. 100% accurate bringing just the facts without being Bias first time i see this from a foreign media outlet

Author — Depressed Squidward


As an Israeli patriot who voted across the board during the years, I'm very impressed by how accurate this video is.

The Israeli media is often very biased, direction depending on the channel's agenda, and the world media is usually either biased or, more commonly, plain clueless.

This is so refreshing to see!

Author — Rodena Golz


seems like such a healthy, true democracy.

Author — ID Artcraft


Loved the analogies to the ancient tribes of Israel to the political parties 😂

Author — sj appiyah


Israeli here. This is surprisingly accurate. I'm also a student for Political Sciences (M.A), so for me it's the perfect time for elections chaos.

Author — Elboim