Romania vs Hungary: Simulated conflict and armed forces comparison (2021)

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This video talks about the armed forces of Romania and Hungary, compares them and simulates a war between the two countries. Which side has better air force or ground army? Which would prevail in conflict? And what role would the actual geography have on the course of the war?

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💬 Comments on the video

Just throw garlic at them, if that doesn't work, surrender.
-Some Hungarian dude in 1919

Author — Miskolcz Mapper


We Hungarians and the Romanians be like:
😐 😐

Author — László Hrabovszky


Hungary: attacks with paprika-tipped missiles. Romania: mines the field with mamaliga :P

Author — Cosmin


As a Romania, i don't hate Hungarians, the past was the past, i have a couple of hungarian friends, may peace be the best option ! 🤝🤝🤝

Author — Mihai D


This would be fun, I mean the comment section.

Author — Vasile Iuga


We have a long common history as living in a same land. Many bad things happened but if we fighting with each others all of us will loose. If we want a good future we must to respect and support each other. We are the same human not worst not better. God sent us in our nation to learn love others even they are different.

Author — Áron Agyagási


Love to all Romanians from Hungary. I like your beautiful country very much

Author — Villy


Better bring some Ghulash Kurtoklach and Palinca with Chilly Paper and some Tochitura with Sarmale and wine at Border :)))

Author — WeezeL


When the battle is happening in the eastern Europe but there are no slav casulties.



Mircea Eliade, Cioran, Eminescu....some great romanian, who I very respect. Our grandfathers, and grand-grandfathers died on both sides of wars.

Author — Béla Jávorcsik


I am from Hungary, and I know Romanians. There are more common things between us than with most Western Europeans, so let's be proud of that please.

Author — Balazs Csibi


I m romanian, and i hope this never Will happen. We all human beings, and live on same planet. Let s solve togheter the problems that We made on this beautiful earth(polution, global heating, racism etc). Peace and respect

Author — 89 april


I was worried about the comment section, yet after i checked it made me happy that we are not having a comment conflict, thank you!
Love to Romania from Hungary
I really love the big mountains (Carpats)

Author — Marker Barker


There will be no War between this two Country's. Seet back and take a shoot of Pálinka or Țuică!😉

Author — SandorZsoltFazakas


peace from hungary! we need to work together lika a good neighbours!

Author — unknwname'


I dont hate Romania. To be honest I've got some Romanian friends too. We should be friends not enemies. 🇭🇺🤝🇷🇴

Author — A Hungarian dude


Support hungary respect Romania no war. From Azerbaijan 🇭🇺🇦🇿🇷🇴

Author — Elvin Abdulkadirov


"it eventually evolved into something quite... Romanian."

Author — First Cynic


I'm from Bucharest, Romania, and one of my best friends is hungarian. Let there be peace between our people forever!

Author — PrinceVega


The best comment section ever. I don't think there is another like this on Youtube.

Author — Csaba Szilagyi