Greece Accelerates Armament Against Turkey

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Greece Accelerates Armament Against Turkey. Washington and Athens are working to update their mutual defense cooperation agreement for the second time in three years, and the US has told Greece its demands for the base, which includes allowing the nation to operate there both within NATO and for its own military activities.

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As ancient Greeks said, " In times of peace, you should always be ready for war, and in times of war, you should always be ready to make peace.".

Author — Wake No.


As a Turk, hoping things don't get any worse. A possible war would be devastating for both country. Both of countries are already passing through tough times.

Author — Kahier


Greece is proactive in defense meaning. Making cooperation with France and Israel is a good choice.

Author — inomi


Imagine how rich France will get after, if this war happens!

Author — Gjemë Shatri


History repeats itself never learn lessons

Author — 08fORSA


There will be no war between Greece and Turkey, even if some politicians or citizens want it.

Author — Panteleimon Orfanos


The Spartans are turning in their graves 😁

Author — Silenz


You should be careful for showing Georgia divided like that on the map! At least inform everyone on this channel why, that it is occupied by Russia.. By showing Georgia divided, you are supporting the Russians action! Witch is invasion of its neighbors. Is it really what you, this channel stands for?

Author — Gio D


You forgot to mention that the agreement for disarmament is with Italy not Turkey so Turkey has no rights to complain In addition by UN law which is higher than any agreement with Italy every country has a right and it is obliged to defend its land and people against any aggression and I think it is clear to anybody how aggressively Turkey declares and acts in order to occupy Greek soil and sea and I am not even going to mention Cyprus violent invasion by an ally

Author — Stavros Ballas


It's better to suspend turkey from NATO.

Author — Paul81


Yunani tak ada menangy, kalau melawan turki.

Author — Toha Saifudin


I seriously doubt Turkey's serriosness to NATO!

Author — FUKU TORA


They ought to. Turkey is radicalizing by the day.

Author — esphi LEE


Greece has stealth submarines and upgrades the F-16 into Viper edition + Upgraded Mirage + the new Rafales. Turkey has old deprecated f16 only. The Turkish propaganda is telling the poor Turkish people that they can win a potential war against

Author — Pavlos Fakiolas


Yunani tetap saja kalah kalau perang dengan turkey

Author — Raya Kosasih


No turkey was important but can never be trusted that's why the USA is leaving

Author — spartan leo


Here in Greece we are disgusted by the site of turkish flag everyday on the news. We will never give to the turks 🦃 any land or sea . If turkey insist it will be a full war. Greece with israel and french vs Pakistan turkey Quatar azerbaijan

Author — Zeus


The Aegean and Mediterranean islands threatened by Turkey must be militarized in self-defense. Greece has the right to defend its islands from those who threaten its sovereignty!

Author — Pagona Nikoloudaki


Greece needs to consider allowing Russia to have bases on Greek Islands, as should Cyprus, to counter the arrogant Turkish threats

Author — caswallon1415


It wouldn't be fun to defeat a single enemy, it's better for us if our enemies come together, we'll beat them all

Author — serkan türker