Turkey fully supports Ukraine against Russian aggression

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Turkey fully supports Ukraine against Russian aggression. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Istanbul to take part in the Turkish-Ukrainian High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council. The primary purpose of his visit was to solicit support from Turkish President Erdogan against Russia, a more pressing priority than trade and investment. Erdogan and Zelensky pledged to continue “coordinating steps aimed to discuss the status of Crimea. Erdogan also mentioned Turkey’s support to Ukraine in the defense area.

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Turkey on paper neutral, but helps with technologies, drones, politically. Germany on paper for Ukraine but do not care

Author — André Rothweiler


The Russians are playing against Turkey in Lybia so Turkey will play against Russia in Ukraine

Author — Beyonder


Not me having flashback when Erdogan and Putin had ice cream together

Author — Meh


It's been a minute since I was this hooked on an event. Reminds me of the back and forth last year between the US and Iran.

Author — Danny Yalom


Yeah Erdogan was looking for a new political advantage.

Author — murashi Lopen


I would just like to make a correction as the two ships sent by the US in the Black Sea are both destroyers and not one destroyer and an aircraft carrier. The USS Roosevelt ( DDG 80 ) and the USS Donald Cook ( DDG 75 )

Author — yh_bishop


Turkey changing his support depending of their interest. The weapon should be sell.

Author — Krasimir Mitrov


Good to know as NATO may have to engage and some members will bolt at thier responsibilities. No prizes.

Author — Jem Star


lets hope Biden doesn't mistake the red button for his dementia bottle

Author — Rocky Swyers


He was nearly toppled by the same allies in 2016 but was saved by Putin. Turkey is not accepted in the EU for no good reason. I feel sorry for Turkey. It is treated as an outcast by the west.

Author — Zuki Jantjies


I think Turkey just wants to know, how effective is drones against the Russian air defence systems.

Author — General Civciv


America stopped it's ships, says it all.

Author — Phil M


This is exactly what I'm talking about Russia talking down Turkey

Author — Bryan Schafer


It is obviously nuclear weapons prevent wars. Russia and Turkey had more than 10 wars in the past, they have not started new one yet after 100 years.

Author — Sheng Liwei


Erdogan enjoys being on TV and playing statesman/sultan of a non existent Ottoman empire.

Author — Constantius



Author — John Gudier


About twelve years ago my then-brother-in-law (my ex-brother-in-law now) was complaining to me about some stupidity going on in the realm of politics, and I replied that the world is being run by crazy people. He gave me a deer-in-the-headlights facial expression, and even though he didn't say so, he dismissed me as being a 'crazy conspiracy theorist.' I wonder what he thinks about it now.

Author — Jim Yost


Right steps taken by Turkey is well and good. UNO effectively checks Russian Aggression against any free country. Thanks so much.

Author — Martuz Ali Sikdar


And after they do it and if they protect Ukraine in a perfect way.

Author — FUKU TORA


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Author — 조금성