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1) Reality Lab’s Haptic Glove Project (Preview)

2) Continental Automated Wireless Charging

3) Tevel Aerobotics Technologies

4) MAD Gaze

5) Energy Harvesting Shirt

6) VATA7

7) CycloTech

8) SR2000 Tidal Turbine

9) FeelZing

10) Rozum Café

11) Piezo Sonic

12) Shadow Teleoperation System

00:00 - Reality Lab’s Haptic Glove Project
00:56 - Continental Automated Wireless Charging
01:49 - Tevel Aerobotics Technologies
02:45 - MAD Gaze
03:34 - Energy Harvesting Shirt
04:34 - VATA7
05:24 - CycloTech
06:19 - SR2000 Tidal Turbine
07:18 - FeelZing
08:14 - Rozum Café
09:05 - Piezo Sonic
09:59 - Shadow Teleoperation System

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I see a huge fail. The delivery robot looks as if it is a military bomb squad robot and screams I am carrying explosives. Or worse... it could be accepted into society and normalized... giving the opportunity for actually delivering explosives and/or chemical weapons.

I woulda call this a fail.

Author — Damon Finken


all my dreams are coming True, I'm Quantized

Author — Heaven 42#


They should give the energy suits to ballet dancers for a week

Author — Dp Chait


No more need for human workforce... agricultural workers? gone. baristas? gone... as humans become obsolete in the workforce we will need a new paradigm that separates the value of human life from the means of production.

Author — archeojoel


0:01use do lots of apple picking work has to be so gentle with them otherwiseif little squize in two hours you can see the msquize marks they go to juice factory straight away

Author — Zoran Pocrnja


Inductive charging is slow an inefficient.

Author — V C


#2, this type of fast charging has already been in use in Formula 1Electric racing..

Author — Dave Kramer


10:33 I see a Vive tracker! Vive trackers are used a lot for stuff like that, They made a working tracker thats cheap for what it does.

Author — Thunder At Sea


How smart is it to make a huge energy charger for a vehicle when energy is so expansive and also damaging to produce to our environment? I'm never impressed with new technology. First, these people should find a way to make energy free or cheaper before thinking about charging huge things like vehicles. lol

Author — Drunk Monkey


I wonder if cyclotech will be the new F1 of the future

Author — chris warr


4 Zing patches for $120 is hardly equal to the price of coffee...

Author — Peter Vonavka


Excellent Content also one Impressive Technology the Channel Techzone 👍👍

Author — Saulo Gabriel Montanaro Rosa


💰💰💰🧑‍💻🧑‍💻🧑‍💻 is engouth impressively engouth impressive others 👍👍👍

Author — Saulo Gabriel Montanaro Rosa


Why not just have a battery station. Where you just pull up and switch the batteries in your car instead of waiting for them to charge.

Author — alexs aquariums


I like robots, but when it comes to job losses because of them then the people who put them in to save money will wonder one day why their business has dropped of... no one has a job to buy their products.

Author — Rodger


Amazing content. I love what you are doing with the channel. ❤️

Author — Hyper Tech HD