GAME OVER! Tesla's INSANE NEW 4680 Battery Technology is UNBEATABLE!

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Smart Sense Presents: Tesla's NEW 4680 Battery Technology is UNBEATABLE!!! How Tesla's Batteries are going to beat the competition for good.

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Tesla has made significant progress in rethinking its battery cell and is well along the way to an expected improvement of 56% in Tesla’s total cost per kWh. Tesla has announced that it is not trying to cut purchases from its suppliers and encourages them to produce more. They are simply looking into and creating a new model that could benefit all stakeholders. Tesla explains that it only wants to accelerate growth in the battery scene. Panasonic and LG, both companies that supply Tesla, are working on this new battery. They hope to start mass production soon to feed the Tesla line. Electric cars are more expensive than gasoline cars due to their cost of production. And it is just what this new line is hoping to address to reduce the cost of buying an electric car.

The 4680 battery cell is a single cylindrical unit, 46mm wide and 80mm tall. The larger overall size allows for five times more energy storage capacity than the last update from Tesla, 2170 batteries. In addition, the battery is a tabless electrode, cobalt-free lithium battery that increases EV supercharging capabilities. Cobalt mining and using batteries has environmental challenges, and this new idea of a cobalt-less battery means a 90% recyclable battery. This is great news for the environment.

The five-step plan of cutting cost into half is categorized as follows; Cell Design, Cell Factory, Anode Materials, Cathode material, and cell vehicle integration.

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Tesla was founded in 2003 by engineers who wanted to prove that electric cars can be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars. Elon Musk launched the Tesla company to accelerate sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass-market electric cars to the market as soon as possible.
This mission is the backbone of Tesla's successful business model. It’s fast assembling timelines, continuous production capacity enhancement, and the constant evolution of manufacturing of products. This strategy means approaching all the business models with identifying the lowest denominator and producing it from scratch. The company is always looking for ways to cut costs and corners to make more and waste less.

The battle line of the next generation of EV batteries seems to have been drawn. Tesla's 4680 may seem to be in the clear lead, but Ford and BMW seem to be moving in another direction with the hope of catching up. The supplier of Ford and BMW, Solid Power, announced the future for them in solid-state batteries. The two companies have shown immense support to their supplier and have led this $130M venture funding. The significant advantage of these solid-state batteries is that they involve high-capacity energy storage devices that replace the gel electrolyte on conventional cells with a solid conductive material. As a result, the solid-state batteries will have better energy density and better safety. The one catch going into solid-state is that it is expensive and probably will cost so much that they intended to reduce the cost of cars will not be achieved. Still, both companies are excited to be in the race towards investing in a new direction like their top rival, Tesla.

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Competition mean more hands making Electric Cars!

Author — iloveplayingpr


Where Tesla leads, others follow!
Where Tesla cares, the others still follow!
When Tesla goes to the next level, the others wonder what to do next!

Author — David Denley


Plaid + long range is cancelled and 4680 was core for that model.

Author — Mile Kragulj


Yes 5x as much energy.. But cell is mabye 3, 5 times bigger - Still good .. But dont confuse it with 5x energy denserty..

Author — EGDK


Much respect for Mr Elon Musk. I'm a South African just like him. But.... I think he's showing he's hand on every move he's going to make. This is the car industry and Tesla is still new at this. I don't see the giants in the industry doing this.

Author — Brett


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Author — Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir


never bet against Tesla and buy lots of stock

Author — Roger Van Brunt


Wow a cobolt free battery! Only problem is other manufacturers have been making cobolt free batteries for many years LFP! Especially the new BYD Blade battery that thanks to it's construction has a much better density than previous LFP batteries and at around $85 per kwh at the pack level is already the cheapest battery by far. Even Tesla use LFP in some of their Chinese made Model 3 and Y.

Author — Greg And Karuna


The 4680 format has an aging issue?
Premature aging of thermal and electrical conduction performance.

Per Tesla’s patent, 4680 cell replaces “single welded tab” with “multi non welded tabs” to improve electrical and thermal conductivity over conventional single welded tab.

These non welded tabs conduct heat and electricity as patent claim from the delivery day, begins to age as soon as it is put under inertial and thermal shock in normal vehicle use. Why?

It employs annealed soft copper in the tabs that doesn’t spring back once deformed from inertial and thermal shock. One by one begins to separate from the output terminal, ie cell casing, until only one left. From there on further inertial shock will cause momentary open circuit in the cell. Leaving thermal and electrical performance worse than cells with one welded tab.

All chemistry improvement in the 4680 will be gated by those soft copper tabs. Unable to addressing this aging issue will let pouch cell designs out perform Tesla’s 4680 cell. Almost all Tesla’s competitions use pouch format.

If the thermal management in model3 isn’t implemented with these 4680 cell pack will compound the aging issue for modelY and models on 4680.

Author — YK Chan


First battery were tooo small and
Cause a lot of production problems,

Author — Alejandro de jesus Rodriguez Quezada





Fail Panasonic and LG not Tesla. They have the Knowhow Fakenews

Author — MasterBlaster


The VO seems to confuse the pronunciation of silicon as silicone. Silicon and silicone are not the same thing.

Author — Preston Harris


Clickbait. Vaporware. Battery not in production. Elon Musk: “We’re not yet at a point where we think the cells are reliable enough to be put in cars." Anyone can make the same thing.

Author — a becede


Tesla issue is hyped a lot. Talks more and does less, while Chinese BYD talks less but does more. In next 5 years I believe BYD will outpace tesla.

Author — Dinesh Twanabasu