2020 Iowa Hurricane /Derecho

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On August 10th, 2020, winds around 140 mph smacked SW Cedar Rapids. My video was taken near the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) - This "Derecho" - a landlocked hurricane affected 43% of the Iowa Crop, and obliterated 50% of the tree cover in Cedar rapids. The destruction streched from Des Moines to the Mississippi river and beyond.

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This commentary is gold. I love that he was talking to a storm. How most of us feel about 2020 "For god sakes, just end already".

Author — Jen Banting


This is the most dad commentary I could have asked for. Thank you.

Author — Dom Fikowski


Thanks for sharing your experience.

I lost a tree that day, that I planted 10 years ago. Not to wind, but to lightning.

Author — Mac Omegaly


Props to those 3 big trees and the group of smaller trees that took that beating like a boss.

Author — Leaf


Used to live in Waterloo, IA. Been in Florida 40+ years. Been through 10 hurricanes. What you got hit with definitely looked like a hurricane. Trees were being blown just like a Cat 2 hurricane hitting them. Other things, like the sheet metal at the top of the silo, got ripped apart, just like a hurricane does.

Author — author


I really enjoyed the video. I feel bad for all those trees and people who were damaged. Great narration and a well defined look into the dangers of wind. The aftermath was bad but not the worst. Great job!

Author — GUFON


I'm so glad you're okay. Thanks for your wonderful narration and fearless recording of this storm. I think you may have a future in network television reporting. The strength of those silos was amazing!

Author — LA Pipe Smoker


“I think the world is ending”


Author — Mike Boogie


Wow you live in a beautiful area. I'm sorry you got hit by the storm, but I'm glad I got to see your neighbourhood and the great community of people you have there. I like how everyone came together to help each other and clean up afterwards, we do the same over here in Australia when areas are hard hit. God bless

Author — DingDongDeathChime


Honestly... I don’t say this to be dismissive, but it’s incredible that the homes are SO well built out there that they didn’t all collapse under the intensity of that storm!!! I’m so sorry for the damage but truly amazed it wasn’t worse!

Author — Mama Tea


I was born and raised in Ames and now live in Texas. I feel for you guys. At least I’m given warning when a hurricane hits. My Uncle almost lost his sweet corn 🌽 crop but thanks to the kindness of strangers, they helped him pick up the corn 🌽. 🙏🏻❤️

Author — Niki Black-Rudolph


Lived my whole life in South Florida, this is what a hurricane is like except they last like this for about 6 hours. Now you all know why we go crazy when they think one is heading towards us.

Author — J Clements


I love how you and your neighbours have a great 'can do' attitude and just all around great feeling about your neighbourhood. Here it is 2 years later on and I hope you all still hanging in there 🙂

Author — Bob Caygeon


The fact that leaves can stay on a tree in this is the most fascinating thing ever...

Author — Lego


He’s hilarious...and handled it all very well.
I literally have storm nightmares every spring because of these/tornadoes. Hurricanes are better cos i can leave, however tornadoes and small storms (that we don’t evacuate for) that end up being destructive scare me the most.

Author — hyacinthdibley2


Loved to listen to the funny commentator. Humor during storm, great attitude! I can tell...tough native Iowans! I lived in Iowa before and have witnessed this craziness...hurricane, hail, tornadoes...and personally can't forget the 2008 flood and 2011 blizzard! Love for Iowa!

Author — M N


Wow! I live in East Tennessee & I'm absolutely terrified of storms. Just glad you all are okay. Great video, editing & commentary. Stay safe and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Author — Pam M


I’m impressed with how calm he was during that storm ⛈

Author — Sasha M


I had no idea that Storm still had that much strength when it made it that far inland. Im curious now as to what caused it to strengthen

Author — justin herron


Am I the only one that loves storms but is scared of them at the same

Author — switchpro13