World’s largest carbon dioxide sucking factory opens in Iceland - BBC News

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The world’s largest factory to capture carbon dioxide from the air has begun operations in Iceland. Reducing the amount of CO₂ in the Earth’s atmosphere would help reduce the effects of climate change.

It showcases a developing technology considered by some to be an important tool in the fight against climate change but sceptics question how much impact it can really have.
Is it a futuristic vision of how to save the planet from runaway climate change, or a futile expense that distracts from the urgency of slashing co2 emissions?

According to the companies that constructed the plant, Climeworks and Carbfix, when operating at capacity the plant will draw 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the air every year.

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Imagine if we had a carbon capturing tech that was free and grew out of the ground

Author — Charles Veitch


This is like sucking up the entire ocean with a straw.

Author — Attila Vidacs


It speaks to the scientific literacy of who ever approved this piece that images of nuclear cooling towers, emitting nothing but water vapour, were used in the montage of pollution producers.

Author — David Jackson


Showing the cooling tower of a nuclear power plant:
"Oooh, look what bad air they throw out here! Water vapor is poison! It must be destroyed!"

Author — Ivan Alaskevich


What always entertains me is when they show "polluting" plants, when in reality this is steam, purely just water lol

Author — SimpleAs Liam


Not just people, now trees are also losing their jobs in the face of technological advancement…

Author — KissMyAsthma


"There are much better technologies out there..."

Yes. Nuclear.

Author — ThatEnglishGent


Quite ironic, Iceland looks nice but it's actually been denuded, before the Vikings it was mostly forest, regrowing the forests would cost nothing.

Author — coupsdestylo


To everybody saying "just plant trees", well obviously they're essential but at the point we're now we'll need to artificially capture Co2 because the amount of it in the atmosphere it's ridiculous. Planting trees and discovering new carbon capture tech must happen for a cleaner future.

Author — Vesuvius


Only if we would install one of these in a smaller scale to every home… or simply implement it as aggressively as possible everywhere possible. 🙏🏻

Author — Juan Alvarez


Q: What's the theme of this factory?
A: "It sucks!"



I always like skeptics, who say this is a pointless expensive exercise without providing better ideas.

Author — Radu Cristescu


There's this brand new carbon capture technology coming out soon called "Trees"

I can't wait

Author — Meowdy Pardner


How many hours does one of these need to run to offset its own production and r&d carbon footprint? That was a vital piece of information missing in this report.

Author — dipro001


I like how they show the cooling towers releasing steam like its smoke.

Author — TheArcknight


When the collecting is efficient its a good idea. In the ground the basalt forms Carbonates and the CO2 is fixed. It might be better to catch CO2 at the exhaust of conventional power plants, though.

Author — Michael Weskamp


I love how they always show cooling towers steam instead of actual carbon being released. Its so stupid.

Author — Kenneth James


"The equivalent of just 800 cars"

With about 32 million cars in the UK, all we have do to is build 40, 000 of these to compensate for car emmissions.

Author — Paddy Daley


How long does the plant have to operate to make up for the CO2 used in the plant construction and materials?

Author — Loren Hamstra


making such invention was my childhood dream. im no scientist so im glad someone is making happen. Best of luck for your project

Author — Vinayak M S